Sign this Petition to Help Protect the Elderly and Infirm!


On December 15th, 2016 Wirral Council refused planning permission for a fire station on green belt land on Saughall Massie Road, adjacent to sheltered accommodation at Woodpecker Close.

The application was refused for various reasons, one of which was to protect the amenity of those residents who live nearby in the sheltered accommodation in Woodpecker Close, one of whom is a D Day veteran who, I am told has also been awarded France’s highest military honour, The Legion de Honor.

In 2014 the Leader of the Council withdraw a brownfield site in Greasby to protect a much loved green space and the amenity of local residents.

I think it is only right that the Leader of the Council treats the residents of Saughall Massie fairly and equitably and withdraw this green belt land from any future development.    Withdrawing this land will also remove the stress, anxiety and worry from the elderly, and in some case infirm residents of Woodpecker Close.

Sadly the Leader of the Council has in an email response to me refused to withdraw the land, so please add you signature to our PETITION try to force him to change his mind.


I was contacted by a resident of Saughall Massie who asked if it would be possible to clean out the ‘dried up’ pond to the front of Woodpecker Close.  The pond normally has water in it, but for some reason at the moment it is dry and you can clearly see the debris, crates, traffic cones etc.   

A far bigger worry though is that although it appears dry, I walked into it yesterday and the ground is pretty firm, until of course you reach the middle were it is extremely boggy (as I discovered – squelch).   The worry is that if a young child decides to explore what appears to be a dry pond the consequences could be disastrous.   I have emailed the Chief Exec of Wirral Partnership Homes (whose land this is) immediately, requesting that action is taken with some urgency to make this potentially dangerous site safe!