Moreton traders ask the town hall to think again


Shoppers in Moreton are being urged by the Town’s traders to help them to ditch Town Hall plans for ‘pay and display’.

The Town Hall claims parking charges would bring in £40,000 a year but this figure has now been questioned by one of the local Councillors as ‘fantasy figure scribbled on the back of a fag packet’.

An online petition organised by Pillar Box cards in Moreton ( <; ) states that car parking charges will have the same result that has been seen in other parts of the Borough, such as Liscard.

Sarah Heeks from Pillar Box Cards said: “Traders in Moreton work really hard to stay in business and we support our local community. This plan could push some of the stores into closing, how would that benefit the Council? Why isn’t the Council supporting us?”

Councillor Bruce Berry said: “Introducing charges in local retail centres, such as Moreton, may not be the cash cow the Town Hall expects. The figures assume that people will keep coming here, regardless of the cost. We know from Liscard, that this is not the case. Parking charges drive business away. When that happens, businesses close and so the Council then lose Business Rates. These are fantasy figures scribbled on the back of a fag packet.”