Say NO to Parking Charges – IMPORTANT UPDATE

So today we reveal that the Labour Council is to publish a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in the Wirral Globe tomorrow which sets out the proposed parking charges for the Country Parks and Fort Perch Rock as well as on road charges in New Brighton.    You can read that TRO by clicking HERE

Now having already started the procurement for Pay and Display Machines, along with this TRO before the matter goes to the Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee  for investigation, how are we to believe that this is not already a done deal.

It is now so important that you sign the petition opposing these charges in order that we can send the strongest message we can to this out of touch, uncaring, callous Labour Council.    Please sign the petition by clicking HERE

Pensioners Lunch Clubs


Wirral Council has announced that grants for pensioner lunch clubs in the Borough are to be scrapped from April. 

The move, which has taken place without full consultation, will affect around 200 pensioners, leaving many of them alone at home.  

The Council has said the £72,000 saved will then be reinvested in tackling pensioner isolation. 

Among the lunch clubs affected are Moreton, Leasowe, New Brighton Community Centre and Vale Park.  The clubs, which take place throughout the week are held in local community centres and often run by volunteers. 

The Council’s grants help towards the cost of transport for the pensioners and the costs of the meals. 

Councillor Bruce Berry (Conservative, Moreton West & Saughall Massie) said: “This decision has been sneaked out without virtually any consultation among the groups affected and there is now less than six weeks to find alternative funds or face closure. 

“Not one of the community groups affected by this policy has been asked to serve on the panel that reviewed the spending and the Council has failed to communicate with all the clubs affected.” 

“The effect of this policy will have the opposite result to the one the Town Hall claims – instead of freeing up £72,000 to spend on pensioners, the existing 200 or more isolated, vulnerable and often lonely individuals will be left sitting in their own homes. That’s not tackling isolation – it’s creating it.”


You can read what the Wirral Globe says HERE


In the latest review of Wirral Council’s ‘2020 Pledges’, the Town Has has stated ‘Ensuring the most vulnerable among us are safe, and feel safe, is perhaps our most important responsibility.’

Live in New Brighton, Moreton, West Kirby, Heswall, Liscard, Bromborough, Bebington, Upton or Irby? – Will you be paying to park outside your house?

Last night I attended a Council Business Scrutiny workshop.   One of the items, and perhaps the most emotive was the proposals to increase the Council’s income by increasing car parking charges by 50p per hour at existing Council car parks and to introduce further car parking charges, on street and off street at nine locations across the Borough, as well imposing a £4.00 per day fixed charge at Wirrals Country Parks.

While I am waiting for further detail the hit list for the nine locations for introducing car parking charges is: New Brighton (including Fort Perch Rock), Moreton, West Kirby, Hoylake, Heswall, Liscard, Bromborough, Bebington, Upton and Irby.    The charges are likely to apply to many on street areas in our towns, so a an example in Moreton the two car parks, Holt Avenue and Garden Lane as well as on street charges on Hoylake Road, Upton Road, Pasture Road etc.    In West Kirby, along the promenade, The Crescent, Grange Road, Banks Road and side roads, In Hoylake on Market Street and the side roads etc; and so it goes on in other towns.

The Country Parks include, Wirral Country Park, Royden Park, Arrowe Park, Eastham Country Park etc and at £4.00 per day that is going to disadvantage thousands of people who simply want to visit for an hour or so, perhaps dog walkers etc.

I am aware that New Brighton resident, Darren May had the foresight to see this coming and last week started an online petition opposing the introduction of parking charges in New Brighton.   I would urge people to sign that petition ASAP and it can be accessed by clicking HERE.

I am sure other people will also be setting up petitions and you may want to sign them as well.

One thing is for certain we need to send a very strong message to this Labour-led Council if we are to stop this decimation of our Towns and Parks.

Conservatives open up Golf Resort questions to public


Residents in Wirral are being asked for their questions on Wirral Cabinet’s plan to spend a further £600,000 on the so-called Hoylake Golf Resort.

Last week, 18 Conservative Councillors ‘called in’ the Cabinet’s decision for further scrutiny.

A meeting of the Business Overview & Scrutiny Committee will now take place on Wednesday 7th December, 1600hrs at Wallasey Town Hall.

Now, Conservatives are inviting residents to submit the questions they would like asked at the meeting.

Cllr. Chris Blakeley said: “The decision to spend a further £600,000 on consultants, without even finishing the consultation, suggests the Cabinet has made up its mind on this project.

“However, judging by the response from residents, there are still lots of questions that need to be asked and answered about this spending.

“We’d like to hear from any resident of Wirral who has a question about this project – we’ll then put as many as we can to the witnesses we’ve asked to attend the meeting.  The public can also attend and hear the answers that are given.”

Residents with questions are asked to email and include their name and home address, or to write to Cllr. Chris Blakeley, Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED.


Proposed Fire Station -Traffic Survey Results: 222,855 vehicles in two weeks, top speed over 81mph!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign to save the Green Belt and fight the plan for a Fire Station at Saughall Massie.  Thank you, also, to those residents who donated towards the cost of a traffic survey – following the Town Hall’s refusal to pay for one.

The survey results confirmed just how busy Saughall Massie Road really is, and more importantly just how fast traffic travels in both directions.  With the level of speed and volume of traffic revealed by this independent survey, we are amazed that a serious accident has not already occurred.  We hope the results will strengthen our case that this planning application should be refused.

Volume of traffic: The survey showed that, over two weeks, 222,855 vehicles used the road. While this was mainly cars, there were also 8,386 goods vehicles and buses.

Traffic speeds:  This information demonstrated that the speed of traffic in both directions needs addressing. Average speeds of 39.7mph eastbound and 40.5mph westbound are revealed – 10mph above the speed limit.  The fastest recorded speeds registered were between 81 and 120mph.

The Council Officer who provided me with the data was clearly concerned as he said in his covering email: “I will ensure this information is passed onto Merseyside Police for enforcement consideration”. 

The full results can be seen on HERE alternatively if you would like a paper copy please let me, Bruce or Steve know and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.

Open Email to Wirral’s Chief Executive

imageDear Chief Executive

Given that the Council is attacking some of the most vulnerable people in our society with the proposal to close Girtrell Court for a miserly saving of £155,000, I was absolutely astounded to receive a glossy booklet in the council mail entitled the official visitor guide for Wirral 2016/17.

It is becoming clearer by the day that this Council cares less about the people it is here to serve and protect, than it does about promoting itself.

It really is time this Council took a long hard look at its priorities and started to put people first.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Chris Blakeley
Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward
Wirral Borough Council
Twitter: @CllrCBlakeley


Thank you to all the people who have signed up to ‘Save Girtrell Court’ either by email, letter or telephone.   The very many responses we have received show just how valued this facility is.

Last Tuesday we met with Paddy Cleary and David Jones from Unison to discuss the Councils proposal to close Girtrell Court and to share information so that we can work together on this campaign.   It’s clear that together we are stronger.   However we need your support to stop this Councils attack on vulnerable people.

Unison have arranged a meeting on Wednesday 20th January, commencing at 7:30pm at St Mary’s Church Centre, 127 Saughall Massie Road, Saughall Massie, Upton CH49 4LA (Next to the Premier convenience store) and it’s important that as many people who can, attend this meeting to hear first-hand how by working together we can stop this proposal.

In the meantime there other things you can you do now to help us stop this Councils attack on some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

  • If you have not done so please sign the online petition which can be accessed by going to:
  • Please make your views known on the Council’s online consultation (which closes on the 29thJanuary). As the Council uses these responses to inform Cabinet about peoples’ views it’s important that you register your opposition on this survey.  You can access the Girtrell Court consultation page by going to:

As well as points 1 and 2 which are extremely important to do, you could also email your views and concerns (Please cc me in if you do) to the ten Labour Councillors who make up the Council Cabinet, and who will make the final decision on the future of Girtrell Court.  Their email addresses are listed below:,,,