Mast Attack!

In the last couple of days I have received two pre-application consultation documents from MONO Consultants acting on behalf of Vodafone and O2, both relating to the installation of Masts and ancillary equipment, one on Saughall Massie Road (location depicted below) and today for a mast on Hoylake Road at the Shell Garage site.      

Thats around six applications for masts in Moreton over the last 12 months, up to now only one has been approved!

While these are not planning applications, it is usual for a pre-app consultation to be followed within a couple of weeks with a planning application, regardless of any comments made.     Watch this space.

NO NO Mono!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of the latest planning application for a mobile telephone mast on Saughall Massie Road close to the junction with Kingfisher Way.   Read more on that HERE.

Many local residents wrote letters and emails of objection and with our help collected a petition of over 100 signatures.   I was delighted to learn this evening that Planning Officers have recommended refusal and as such I have put the application back into delegation to allow them to send out the refusal notice immediately.      You can read the refusal notice by clicking HERE.

Sadly i believe the applicant will appeal the decision.  If they do I am sure local residents will fight that appeal just as hard as they fought the application.

Let Battle Commence…. Again!

Chris at the proposed location

As I predicted, despite opposition at the pre-app consultation stage, Mono consultants on behalf of Voadafone and Telefonica have submitted a planning application for a telephone mast and ancillary equipment on Saughall Massie Road, close to the junction with Kingfisher Way.

Some people think I am anti mast, nothing could be further from the truth, like millions of people I rely on a mobile phone signal, however I am opposed to installations at what are clearly innappropriate locations, and this application is for just that.

This is a densely populated area, with lots of sheltered accommodation and a residential home close by, its on a main route and close to a bus stop.   I have already had calls from local residents, all absolutely appalled at this application, objections are flooding in and a petition has already been started.    I, along with my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney am happy to support residents in opposing the application.

Should you wish to support or oppose this application you can do so by contacting the Council’s Planning Officer who is dealing with this application, Neil Williams.     Neil can be emailed:, Telephone: 0151 606 2138, or by writing to him at Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, CH41 1ND ensuring you quote application number: ANT/11/01359.  All representations need to be submitted by the 8th December, 2011.

Another Telephone Mast Planning Application is On Its Way!

After submitting an application for a mast and equipment on Hoylake Road by Tesco Express, Mono Consultants, on behalf of Vodafone and Telefonica  have now notified me of a Pre-Application consultation for a Mast and Equipment on the grass verge on Saughall Massie Road, close to the junction with Kingfisher Way, Pre-App is normally followed within two weeks with a full planning application.

This is yet another (in my opinion) inappropriate location – As soon as the full app is in I will notify local residents, if they wish to object they will of course have my full support!

Vodafone Submit Appeal!

Earlier this year Wirral Council Planning Officers refused an application for the Installation of a 15M High Saturn 411T Replica Telegraph Pole, Housing 6NO. 3GAntennas and 1 Radio Equipment Cabinet and 1 Electrical Meter Cabinet, on land at the Footpath on the Southern Side of Saughall Massie Road, Moreton, Wirral CH46 5ND.

Vodafone, clearly upset by the decision have utilised their right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in the hope that the decision will be overturned

When the Planning Officers considered the application they deemed that the application should be refused for the following reasons: 

  1. The proposed development constitutes inappropriate development within the Green Belt and there has been insufficient very special circumstances demonstrated. The proposal is therefore unacceptable in terms of Policy GB2 of Wirral’s Unitary Development Plan.
  2. The proposal is unacceptable by reason of its impact on the openness of the Green Belt by virtue of its scale and siting. The proposal is therefore unacceptable in terms of Policy GB2 of Wirral’s Unitary Development Plan

I believe that the decision made by professional Planning Officers was reasoned and valid.  I have therefore written to the Planning Inspectorate asking that they dismiss the appeal. 

If others wish to write to the Planning Inspectorate they can do so by writing to them by  6th July, 2011 at:   Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/18A Wing,Temple Quay House, 2 The Square,Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN, ensuring you quote:  DETR Appeal Reference: APP/W4325/A/11/2153135, all letters to be sent in triplicate

Another Telephone Mast Application!

Having lost the last three planning applications, including two they appealed, O2 and Vodafone (Telefonica) have submitted another application for a telephone mast, cabinets and ancillary equipment, this time on the central reservation on Moreton Road, (close to the M53 spur).   Application number: 11/00452.

This time the mast being proposed is 20 metres high with two cabinets and other pieces of equipment.    They say they need this permission in case they cannot extend their contract with the lattice mast located close by in Upton Woods?     in their accompanying paperwork they say if the do extend their contract on the existing mast they wont erect this mast?     Yeh, of course you won’t!

Anyway if you have any cooments to make on this application you can do so by emailing the planning officer dealing with it by clicking HERE

REFUSED – Victory for People Power

Cllr Steve Williams at the application site

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton Community will be aware that Mono Consultants had submitted a planning application for a 15 metre telephone mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment to be sited in Holt Avenue close to its junction with Hoylake Road.    Local residents , supported by us, immediately sprang into action and wrote letters to Wirral’s Planning Officers, as well as collecting a petition of over 200 signatures  all opposing the application. 

We are delighted to tell you that as a result of this opposition, the Planning Officer dealing with the application has told us that he will be informing the applicants that the application will be REFUSED.   We have therefore agreed that the application can be dealt with under delegated authority, which means that it does not have to go to Wirral’s Planning Committee to be determined.  The applicant does have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate and they have six months in which to submit any appeal.   Should that happen, we will of course inform you of that. 

Thanks to everyone who wrote letters of objection, those who signed the petition, as well as those who helped put the petition together.   This refusal is a testament to your efforts.