More Water Works Disruption!

As readers of the blog will be aware, here in Moreton we have over the last couple of years had our share of disruption as a result of works by United Utilities.    Just when you thought it was all over along they come again, this time creating some havoc around Moreton Cross for six weeks.    OK I know it has to be done, but why not do it during the six weeks of school holidays when at peak time there is not as much traffic on the roads.    But then I suppose that would mean using common sense!    You can read more from United Utilities by clicking HERE


Waste Water Treatment Works, Carr Lane!

I understand from telephone calls, Facebook, Twitter, and email that the stinking odour, apparently coming from the United Utilities (UU) Waste Water Treatment Works in Carr Lane is hanging over Moreton like a huge stink bomb.    I have called the UU Odour Hotline number, and would urge as many residents as possible to do the same.   The number to call is: 0845 309 4098