Another Telephone Mast Application!

Having lost the last three planning applications, including two they appealed, O2 and Vodafone (Telefonica) have submitted another application for a telephone mast, cabinets and ancillary equipment, this time on the central reservation on Moreton Road, (close to the M53 spur).   Application number: 11/00452.

This time the mast being proposed is 20 metres high with two cabinets and other pieces of equipment.    They say they need this permission in case they cannot extend their contract with the lattice mast located close by in Upton Woods?     in their accompanying paperwork they say if the do extend their contract on the existing mast they wont erect this mast?     Yeh, of course you won’t!

Anyway if you have any cooments to make on this application you can do so by emailing the planning officer dealing with it by clicking HERE

Telephone Mast

My colleague Cllr Ian Lewis has received a ‘Pre-Consultation letter from a company ‘Savills’ who are acting on behalf of o2 and Vodafone.    It seems that the O2 mast located in Upton Woods (off Upton Road) may have to be removed.   If that is the case then o2 and Vodafone want to erect a replacement 20 metre high mast and put in a cabinet and auxillary equipment on the Island that hosts the traffic lights by the Moreton Spur.    They stress they will only submit a planning application if the old mast has to be removed.   Personally I could not think of a potential worse location for a 20 metre mast it will be a real blot on the landscape.    You can see their site plan by clicking HERE


At Wirral’s Cabinet this evening I was delighted to move a recommendation for approval on a report from the Councils Head of Law to support the Overton Community bid to the community fund for £12,500, in order to ensure that the purchase of the land could be completed by the 30th September.    I also took the opportunity to put on record my thanks to Officers who had responded to my requests for action on this matter.   That OK with you  TC of Upton?

A Message for TC of Upton

Reading today’s Wirral Globe it seems I have come in for some anonymous criticism from someone only identified as TC of Upton over the Upton woods issue.      

Clearly TC decided to write to the press criticising my actions, unaware of the role I have played in this matter, and perhaps if TC had taken the time to discover the facts, he or she would not have been so critical.

So TC, for the record:  I do believe that rumours were started, perhaps to increase the value of the land, those rumours did cause distress to residents, and I make no apology for publishing that on my blog, however I did ask Council Officers to keep an eye on the situation.  

As well as this It was me who insisted on Council Officers attending the auction in Manchester to support local residents; and it is because of my direct intervention that the Council’s Head of Law has agreed that the Council will carry out the legal work associated with the purchase of the land free of charge, and as the Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety  I am the Council’s elected Member on the Community Fund Panel, and I gave my unconditional and total support to the bid for the shortfall in funds of £12,500 in order to ensure the purchase of the land can be completed within the 28 day timeframe.   And throughout this whole process I kept Jean Robinson, who headed up the community action on this matter, fully appraised of what I was doing behind the scenes to help the community.     So TC of Upton please be sure of your facts before you level unfounded criticism at someone who will always put the community first!

News in Brief!

Its been a busy week hence the lack of posts since Monday, anyway below a few headlines on issues this week:

  • National Grid have replaced all the broken paving flags by the Subway Store, they caused the damage parking plant and machinery on it.  Thanks.
  • On Thursday local residents got together and spent £28,500 to buy  the woodland (Upton Woods) that backs onto the playing fields by the Overton Community Centre.   A great example of community coming together in a common cause.   Well done Jean and all the residents who made a donation to enable this to happen
  • This week saw the Action Teams out and about on the knocker calling on homes in Liscard, New Brighton and Moreton.   Watch out for us in your neighbourhood.


Readers of the blog and our Newsline will be aware that two parcels of land in Upton Woods are to be auctioned in Manchester this coming Thursday.

The land is privately owned  and has been split into two lots, one lot houses the two telephone masts and the immediate area and backs on to Paulsfield Drive, and has a gude price of £90,000 because of the income from the telephone masts.       The other lot is on the otherside of the bypass in Upton Ward, and it is this piece of land, valued at around £10,000 that is causing local people to spread rumours that the land will be bought by gypsies and they will be setting up home on it?

This is causing lots of distress, and I do wish people would not peddle this speculation and spread these sort of rumours, because at the moment thats all they are rumours.  The only thing that is a fact is that the land is for sale and we will not know anymore until after Thursdays auction.  In the meantime I have asked Council Officers to keep a watching eye on the situation.    Watch this space for more updates.

Upton Woods For Sale

I have learned this evening that the area that houses the two telephone masts and the wider wooded area of Upton Woods, to the rear of Paulsfield Drive and Burrell Drive  is to be sold by auction on the 9th September.    Read more by clicking HERE   

The Auctioneers are a company called Pugh, and the auction will be held at Manchester United Football Club, International Suite, West Stand, Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 ORA commencing at 12 noon

The wooded area, which is in private ownership has been the subject of anti-social behaviour, underage drinking and damage caused to the trees and the flora and fauna, there has been police involvement and Wirral Council’s Environmental Health Officers had to serve a litter enforcement notice on the current landowner to clear up all the empty beer cans / bottles and associated debris.  

It is to be hoped that any new owner will be more diligent about the maintenace of the land.