Woodland behind Paulsfield Drive

I discovered yesterday that a developer was showing an interest to build houses on a part of the woodland  (classed as Urban Green Space) that lies behind Paulsfield Drive.

Today I spoke with Wirrals Planning Department to see if any pre-application advice had been sought.   The answer was yes and I was sent a copy of the proposal which showed a proposal for 12 semi detached homes.  you can view that proposal HERE .   I was also sent a copy of the pre-planning advice response from the Planning Department which can be read HERE.

As you will read the planner’s advice is that development on this site is highly unlikely to be granted planning permission.     I will be keeping a watching eye on the planning website an if by chance an application is submitted I will ensure everyone who lives in the area is informed, as well as the wider community.


Another Telephone Mast Application!

Having lost the last three planning applications, including two they appealed, O2 and Vodafone (Telefonica) have submitted another application for a telephone mast, cabinets and ancillary equipment, this time on the central reservation on Moreton Road, (close to the M53 spur).   Application number: 11/00452.

This time the mast being proposed is 20 metres high with two cabinets and other pieces of equipment.    They say they need this permission in case they cannot extend their contract with the lattice mast located close by in Upton Woods?     in their accompanying paperwork they say if the do extend their contract on the existing mast they wont erect this mast?     Yeh, of course you won’t!

Anyway if you have any cooments to make on this application you can do so by emailing the planning officer dealing with it by clicking HERE

Happy 150th

Yesterday, along with my colleague Cllr Steve Williams I attended Christchurch School 150th anniversary celebrations.   Sadly I could not attend the church service at 2pm because believe it or not with all the children teachers and governors there was no room left.

However I went to the school later in the afternoon and was shown around by children who are on the school council the ‘Timeline’ that the children had produced covering the last 150 years, it really was great and like me, I am sure the children learned loads putting this together. 

We then had a few speeches, and a small buffet, as well as a chance to chat to the children, teachers (past and present) and the governors.  Thanks to everyone who put on this event and made this day very special.    Heres to the next 150 years!

Popeyes Pizza, Upton Road

Popeyes Pizza on Upton Road has applied to Wirral’s Licensing Department for an extension to its hours, it has asked for permission to remain open until 2am every morning.   Personally with so many hot food takeaways, well over a dozen in the immediate area I can see absolutely no reason for granting these late hours.       Just a few doors away, Sabs Kebabs was denied permission to remain open after 11:30pm, if the Council is to be consistent then it must treat this application in the same manner.

If anyone has an objection or wishes to make representation they can do so by contacting the Council’s Licensing Section by writing to:  Licensing Authority, Wirral Borough Council, Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED or via email by clicking here   All objections representations must be made by the 17th February

Sabs Kebabs – Licensing Application to be Decided

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton community will be aware that Hot Food takeaway #11 – Sabs Kebabs (formerly Cartridge World) applied for licensing permission to stay open until 2am in the morning.    Local residents have objected, as have I, and although there is no official representation from Merseyside Police Licensing Section, Moreton’s Police Neighbourhood Inspector, Peter Kolokotroni has written to the Council’s Licensing Department expressing his concerns.  The application will be considered by Wirral’s Licensing Panel at Wallasey Town Hall, on Friday 5th November at 10am.     The meeting is open to the public so if you have concerns about this please come along.

Not a Good Start!

I have just been called by a Council Licensing Officer who, along with the local police have just called into the Crossbar to discover that a licensing condition has already been breached within the first 36 hours of opening.    One of the licensing conditions, which was offered by the applicant was that there would be an SIA licensed door person on duty on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:30pm until closing.    Well the Police and Licensing Officer have confirmed that there is no door person on duty and the Designated Premise Supervisor was not on the premises.      What happened to the promises of a community pub?   This is exactly what I and local residents feared and that is why we opposed the license…………………

Crossbar – License Approved

This morning along with my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Ian Lewis I attended Wirral’s Licensing Panel meeting, which was considering the application made by Michael Howells for a license for the new bar, Crossbar on Upton Road.    

Ian and I raised concerns emanating from the previous licensing refusal and asked the Licensing Panel to restrict the hours to supply of alcohol until 10:30pm, closing to the public at 11pm each day.     However after hearing all the arguments for and against the Licensing Panel granted a licence which allows alcohol to be sold until 11pm each night closing to the public at 11:30pm.    

I welcome all businesses to Moreton, and I wish Mr Howells all the best in his quest to run the Crossbar and to make it an integral part of the community.   He has a big job to convince local residents that this is not a ‘Mini Plough’ as he described this morning.    Only time will tell!