Merseytravel Allowances, HUGE Increases Recommended!

Today I received a copy of the report commissioned by Merseytravel into the Members allowance scheme!

The report, compiled by Declan Hall recommends huge and what I believe to be obscene increases in both basic and Special Responsibility allowances (SRAs) and if approved by the Authority will send completely the wrong message to the workforce many of whom are having to take pay cuts as a result of harmonisation.

When I met with Declan Hall I made it very plain that it did not matter how he cut cut the cake, there should be no overall increase in the amounts paid in total.    His recommendations clearly don’t relate to that at all!

I have attached HERE a full copy of his report, however the headlines of his recommendations are that:  

  • Basic allowances for all 18 members increased from £5675 to £7266 increase of 28.0%
  • Chair of the Authority increased from £24308 to £29813 increase of 22.6%
  • Vice Chair of the Authority increased from £12896 to £17888 increase of 38.7%
  • Chair of Committees increased from £4432.70 to £7453 increase of 68.1%
  • Chair of Strategy and Finance Committee from £8512.95 to £17888 a whopping increase of 110.1%

I sincerely hope (and this is for you Joe) that the controlling Labour Group at the budget meeting of the Authority join me in saying thank you to Mr Hall for his work but ma,king it very clear that no one on the authority will take a penny more than they receive now!