Mersey Tunnel Tolls

Readers of the blog and the wider community will recall that I revealed that the Chief Exec and Director of Resorces for Merseytravel had told me that they would not be recommending to the full authority an increase in tunnel tolls this year.   The final decision of course remains with the 18 elected Members who serve on the ITA.   Read more on that, Here,and Here     This revelation clearly upset the Lib Dems!  You can read more on that HERE

I know have the Chief Execs full report before me and at 7.  Summary and Conclusions, para 7.2 it states, ‘In view of the impact of the current national economy downturn, as documented in the Merseyside Economic Review 2009, it is considered that there are matters of an economic and social nature within Merseyside that make it appropriate, for a further year, to discount the tolls below their authorised levels.    In terms of the amount of discount. it is considered prudent to retain for the 12 months commencing on the 1 April, 2010 both cash and AVI (fast tag) toll levels at the 2009/10 rates.’   Thats pretty clear to me, no recommendation to increase tolls,  unless Labour or the Lib Dems seek to move an amendment to increase them?