Update on the Arrowe Brook


Last week my colleague, Cllr Bruce Berry met with representatives from the Environment Agency (EA) and the Council to make them aware of the condition of the Arrowe Brook, which was again clogged up with weeds and reeds.    It’s good to see that following his intervention the EA have started to clear the Brook.

This morning I met with Bruce (who is pictured above) at the Arrowe Brook by the bridge on Town Meadow Lane and we walked the Brook to see what progress has been made.    It was clear that while good sections had been cleared there were still pockets that would require doing manually as the Flailer could not get to the bank for various reasons.

We also hope this is not cosmetic with the EA only clearing the bits we can see.   If the flows are to be maintained then the complete Brook needs doing, as does the River Birkett as the Arrowe Brook discharges into that.