Akbor’s – Coming Soon!

A huge welcome to Akbor’s ‘Authentically’ India Restaurant opening soon near to Moreton Cross at 226, Hoylake Road.

It really is important that we support local businesses to ensure the town we live in is vibrant with a great mix of shops to satisfy everybody’s needs.  Every empty shop is a sign of a failing town and as a local Councillor I want our town to succeed.

Yes I know we have our share of problems with parking, public transport, however I will continue to do all I can to make our Town the place that people want to come and shop, have a meal or simply enjoy a beer.

The Italian Job

Last night along with Mrs B, we went to Moreton’s newest restaurant, ‘The Italian Job’ on Upton Road (formerly Ruis).     The owner, Aldo, took over the running of the restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and whilst the interior and the layout remains the same the menu (which is very extensive) and many of the staff have changed.

We started with Bruschetta, and then we both plumped for the Penne Sofia, strips of beef in penne pasta with a tremendous creamy sauce, tomatoes, mushrooms and chillis, it was absolutely lovely and very filling, so much so that we could not manage a pud.     We had a lovely evening, good food in a very relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere,  and yes we will be going back again.