Millhouse Appeal – Planning Inspectorate say NO to a Public Hearing!

I was disappointed to receive an email today from the Planning Inspectorate informing me that the Inspectorate would not hold a public hearing into this appeal, and, instead would determine the outcome by an exchange of correspondence (see email at the bottom of this post)

I believe in the interests of openness and transparency this matter should have been the subject of a public hearing, where local residents would have been able to put their objections to this development forward and tell the inspector face to face why this appeal should be dismissed.   Instead this matter will now be determined by a faceless beaurocrat based in Bristol.    I sincerely hope the Inspector takes into account the massive opposition to this proposal

It’s worth repeating that we are not opposed to this ‘eyesore’ being redeveloped, however with a development that is more in keeping with the existing streetscene.

Email starts

Dear All,

We have completed a review of the procedure following the receipt of the LPA’s statement and third party representations. We consider that there would be no obvious benefit in holding a hearing as the Inspector should be able to come to an informed conclusion on the basis of the written evidence submitted and a site visit. Thus the written procedure seems to be suitable and the appeal will continue in this way. Please note that the Inspector has the final decision on the procedure and if they considers it necessary they will not hesitate to change the procedure.

Kind regards
Joanna Martin
Case Officer – Planning Team 11
Room 3/04
The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol, BS1 6PN
Telephone: 0303 444 5427
(GTN 7 8870) Fax: 0117 372 8443

Email ends

Millhouse Pub Appeal – UPDATE

Last year the planning application made by Galliford Try for a three storey complex of flats was unanimously refused by Wirral’s Planning Committee who said:  The development would be unsatisfactory and undesirable having regard to its scale and massing which would be out of scale with neighbouring development. In particular, the proposed form and rectangular bulk would result in an unacceptable visual impact which would relate poorly to other residential properties and the domestic scale of the area, which the Local Planning Authority considers, would have a detrimental impact within this setting. The proposal is of an inappropriate scale and would result in a detrimental change in the character and appearance of the surrounding area. To allow the proposals would be contrary to Policy HS4 of the Wirral Unitary Development Plan

Well we know the applicant has submitted an appeal and that appeal has now started.  We know the applicant has requested that the appeal be dealt with by an exchange of documentation, however I believe this matter to be too important to local residents so I have requested that the appeal be the subject of a public hearing.   As soon as I know the outcome of my request I will write to you again.  Regardless of the method of appeal it is now a live matter and all representations to the planning inspectorate need to be submitted by the 10th August.

I would urge local residents to make representation to the Inspector and they can do this by writing to The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/09, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN alternatively they can submit comments on the Planning Portal at: or via email to: whichever residents choose please quote appeal reference APP/W4325/W/15/3022092

If we are to have this appeal dismissed then local residents need to come together as they did when opposing planning permission.

Moreton Matters – Licensing and Planning

A couple of issues that have caused concern to residents of Moreton previously, have reared their heads again.  

grangemoretonThe first one is a Licensing issue, and relates to the Grange Pub on Hoylake Road, the pub is looking to vary their licensing activities.  There are a few changes being requested, however by far the most contentious will be the request to extend the hours to sell alcohol, and subsequently remain open until 1am on Friday’s and Saturday’s, and until 12:30am Sunday to Thursday.    You can read a summary of the changes requested by clicking here.   If anyone wants to make representation to the Council they can do so by clicking here.   All comments must be submitted by 21st September.

fast_foodThe second issue concerns the Royal Taste takeaway on Pasture Road.   The premises is only allowed to remain open until 11:30pm every night.  In the last 3 years there have been numerous applications to planning to extend the hours of opening, all of them being refused.   The last refusal was in March this year, and the applicant was clearly not happy.   Anyway the applicant has now submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, in the hope that they will overturn Wirral’s Planning Committee’s decision to refuse any extension.     You can read more about the appeal by clicking here.   If anyone wants to make representation to the Planning Inspector regarding this issue they must do so in writing (in triplicate) by 16th September.