What an Absolute Shambles!

There the only words I can use to describe the appalling mistake made by Wirral’s Planning Officers regarding the Peel Planning Applications.  You can read more of that by clicking HERE.   On top of that I had reason to contact Planning Officers yesterday asking why they had failed to send out notices to objectors, residents and petitioners about a site visit that is taking place next monday?   Add to that the telephone mast fiasco and clearly you have a Department that appears to be in meltdown.   It’s no wonder in an email from the Councils Planning Chairman to them, that he said: “Someone needs to exert strong executive pressure and to Get a Grip”.    Something elected members, and me in partciular have been saying for years.

What Bus Do I Get Mate?

untitledThat was the comment from one wag at the public meeting at Hulme Hall earlier tonight, in response to the Councils Head of Law, HR and Asset Management when he was extolling the virtues of a multi purpose complex in Gloucestershire.    

Seriously the meeting tonight was attending by approximately 600 people.  The message from all of them to the Council Leader was very clear to me.  That message was, ‘You can take your strategic asset review and put it were the sun don’t shine’.    There were many impassioned speakers, none more so than the mum who spoke on behalf of her 6 month old child, who challenged the Council Leader to look into her childs eyes, and explain to her why he was going to destroy her community!  

Others reminded the crowd that the Lib Dems were supporting Labour in this and if it was not for them this would not be happening.     Anyway if the Leader is listening he will scrap this crazy idea.   Time will tell………