Moreton British Legion Site

It appears that this site is now going to be auctioned on the 21st September by Smith and Sons.   You can read about that HERE

Sadly since the British Legion club, and it’s successor, the Moreton Social Club both failed, this site has become neglected, derelict and quite frankly in desperate need of some form of redevelopment.
I am surprised that the Auctioneer is marketing the property with planning permission, I am aware a planning application has been submitted for 10 homes on the site (App/16/00327) but having checked with Wirral’s planning office this morning, as yet no planning permission has been given and I will be making Smiths aware of this.

I believe 10 homes would be a good development for this site and I have no problem with that, however if, as suggested by the Auction House an alternative use is to be considered, Apartments, Retail or a Care facility then I, and local residents would need to see the detail of any alternative scheme before we could comment further.

New Houses on Moreton British Legion Site

I have just been advised that a planning application has been submitted to build 10 new homes on the  vacant Moreton Royal British Legion site in Pasture Road.   Details of that application have been appended below.

Dear Councillor

A new planning application has been received which is within your Ward as detailed

Application number: APP/16/00327
Date Registered: 19/04/2016
Applicant: Devonshire Developments (Wirral) LTD
Agent: SHACK Architecture ltd
Location: British Legion Club, PASTURE ROAD, MORETON, CH46 7TG
Proposal: Proposed residential development compromising 10 dwellings, 2 semi-detached houses and a 8 dwelling terraced block, on the land occupied by the Moreton British Legion which is currently vacant.

Plans will be available to view on the Council’s website within 2 working days from the date of this email.

Many Thanks
Matthew Davies

297 Houses to be Built on Burtons Site? UPDATE

Readers will be aware that Bilfinger GVA are looking to secure planning permission to build circa 297 homes on the vacant Burtons Biscuits Site in Pasture Road.    You can read more about that by clicking HERE

It appears that since their last application was refused by the Council, back in May 2014 Bilfinger GVA have been working closely with Council Officers to overcome some of the objections.    I have seen a document that confirms that, but I am told I can’t release that document until after the planning application is submitted on the 23rd December.    I hate this secrecy but I am bound by certain protocols.

However I can tell you that in the last 18/20 months a strategy was agreed between the applicant and the Council and Bilfinger GVA, the applicant has submitted monthly updates to the Council, quaterley reports to the council and held quarterly telephone conferences with the Council and the landowners.

I asked what charges the Council had invoiced the applicant for in respect of the many hours of time given to this by council officers?   The answer is a big fat zero.   Seems all of this has been done free of charge.

While the ultimate decision  on any planning application will be made by the Planning Committee  it will be interesting, given the close working relationship and collaboration between the Council, the applicant and the landowner what the planning officers recommendation will be to that committee.    I wait with eager anticipation.





Burtons Site – Public Consultation Event

Readers of the blog will be aware that last month I reported that Burtons would be looking to submit a new planning application to build homes on the vacant site on Pasture Road.   You can read more on that by clicking HERE

Earlier today I visited the exhibition by GVA Hilfinger at the Community Centre in Maryland Lane.    Their indicative plans showed  that they want to build 297 new homes on the site.

That is an awful lot of homes and my concerns remain over flooding, and how the infrastructure would support such a large development, schools, roads, road safety, health etc etc.

I know that something has to be done with this site, however I would want to see everyone’s concerns overcome before I could possibly lend my support to this proposal.



New Homes on Burtons site?

Many local residents may have had the flyer delivered that I have reproduce below advising them that Bilfinger GVA, who are representing Burtons Biscuits are holding a consultation event on Wednesday 11th November at the Community Centre in Maryland Lane between 2pm and 8pm.

A year or two ago Wirral Council’s Planning Committee refused a similar application, since then  Hilfinger GVA have carried out a marketing campaign to try to find some interest for employment opportunities through new businesses on the site but none were forthcoming so they are back again looking to make the site a residential development.   They make it very clear that the adjacent Manor Bakeries and Typhoo Tea sites will not be affected at all.

Do you have concerns about this?  If so then I suggest you do your best to get to the consultation event and make your views known.   Alternatively If you cant get to the event then you can email your views to Nicola Rigby at: or write to her at: Norfolk House, 7 Norfolk Street, Manchester M2 1DW (Telephone: 0161 956 4009.

I will be at the consultation event maybe I will see you there.

Read what the Wirral Globe says by following this link:


Burtons Flyer Oct 15

A Very Sad Day!

Sadly Burton’s Foods have announced the outcome of their company wide business review and have commenced the briefing of the workforce on their decision.    Their review originally recommended the closure of the Moreton Plant and the outsourcing of chocolate refining, however in April it was agreed that the Company would give further consideration to alternative proposals from the Trade Union in relation to the chocolate refining and seasonal assortment packing at the site.    

Whilst the Company has announced that they now intend to maintain the chocolate refining operation at Moreton with the retention of up to 51 jobs and they will be making a capital investment to build the capability of the refining operation,  they have rejected the Trade Union’s proposal with regard to the retention of a seasonal packing operation and their intention is to outsource this activity.  

Whilst I am happy that some jobs have been saved, it is disappointing and distressing that there will still be well over 200 job losses with the impact that will have on those families and the local economy.    Today truly is a sad day for Moreton, and signals the end of an era for biscuit manufacturing on this site.

I also have to put on record my thanks to the Trade Unions, MP’s and the Council for all the work they did in trying to secure these jobs.    You can read what the Council says by clicking HERE

Moreton Health Park – Pasture Road

Back in 2008 we heard from Wirral PCT that the four GP practices in Moreton wanted to come together on the site of the Pasture Road Health Centre.   Since then the Council has granted planning permission, they have also sold land behind the existing Health Centre to the PCT so that the site can be big enough, however as yet nothing tangible has happened.    However I have received an email from Kathy Doran Chief Exec of NHS Wirral informing me that it is hoped that the scheme will commence soon.    I have appended that email below:

Dear Cllr Blakely

I understand that the necessary funding and planning approvals are in place.   Discussions are underway between GP practices and the developer re legal issues associated with tenancy agreements. When these discussions are concluded it is hoped that the scheme will move ahead.

Best wishes

Kathy Doran, Chief Executive, NHS Wirral