Merseytravel Budget Meeting – New Labour Vote NO to Pacific Road Arts Centre……

Although yesterdays Merseytravel Budget meeting was dominated by the Mersey Tunnel Tolls, there was an exempt report regarding Merseytravels bid to acquire by lease from Wirral Council the Pacific Road Arts Centre, Taylor Street Museum, and Birkenhead Tramway.  This report was heard behind closed doors and without any members of the press or public present.    I could not blog about it yesterday, but now it is out in the public domain, I can do so in broad terms.

Back in 2009 Wirral’s Labour-led Council decided to dispose of these assets, accordingly WMBC sought expressions of interest from suitable organisations and in July 2009 Merseytravel submitted their expression of interest.    On the 9th December Labour-led WMBC nominated Merseytravel as the preferred bidder.    Following that Merseytravel have spent the last 12 months working on this scheme, getting everything in place to take over the lease.   A compelling business plan was presented to the members of Merseytravel two weeks ago, and yet yesterday all the 10 members of the Labour Group voted against Merseytravel aquiring this great opportunity for a £1.

A real opportunity for the future missed by the short-sighted, politically motivated Labour group on Merseytravel, apprenticeships, training, performing arts, a tramway, museum,  links with University’s, LIPA, and a huge volunteer base all lost!     Does this mean the end for Spaceport, the UBoat story and the Beatles Museum?      One things for sure, I will continue to do all I can to preserve this asset for future generations and hope that others will join me in doing so, but for now Merseytravel are the losers not Wirral Council.

The Week Ahead

Is going to be yet another very busy one.   On Monday I am working in Wallasey, then over to Merseytravel for two meetings in the afternoon, followed by a Joint Management Committee meeting in the evening at Moreton Community Centre.   Tuesday again in Wallasey then a further two meetings Merseytravel in the afternoon.  Wednesday same as Tuesday. 

Thursday off to Bolton to work with Deborah Dunleavy, Prospective MP for Bolton North East,  making sure I am back at Wallasey Town Hall for 5pm to join the protestors in opposing the Labour and Lib Dem cuts prior to the Cabinet meeting at 6pm, when a decision is expected on the Council’s Strategic Asset Review.   Friday back to Bolton to work with Deborah again.   Of course, on top of that will be the ongoing case work to deal with, emails to respond to, letters to be written and telephone messages to be returned.   It really is just as well I enjoy what I do, and I have a supportive, and understanding wife!

Wirral To Put up the ‘For Sale Boards?’

for_sale_sign_11Wirral’s ruling Labour and Lib Dem Cabinet will be considering a report on THursday this week, which if they approve will start the process for closing many of the Council’s buildings across the Borough.  The closures include 10 library’s, Leisure Centres, Pacific Road Arts Theatre, Wirral Museum at Birkenhead Town Hall and the Bus and Tram museum in Birkenhead.    Whilst the Council promises re-provision in a different format, there is no doubt that the closure of many of the facilities across the Borough will have a direct effect on thousands of people.     You can read the full report by clicking here and the appendix which outlines the closures by clicking here