Mindless, Thoughtless and Dangerous!

Got a call today from a resident of Bermuda Road, seems some idiot(s) mindless yobs set fire to a tree on the open space (that runs alongside the brook) to the rear of her home.   The Fire Brigade had to attend, and deal with the matter.   Thanks guys, however we all know our emergency services really do have more important things to deal with and whilst they were dealing with the consequences of these mindless moronic idiots, other peoples lives may have been put at risk 

This time her property was not damaged, but unfortunately the tree looks like it’s badly damaged.   I have asked the Council Parks and Open Spaces to check out the tree and take action to make it safe.   I have also asked our Neighbourhood Police to step up patrols in that area

Leasowe Common Approach Road – A result

Readers will have seen my entry only a couple of days ago about the horrendous state of the approach road to Leasowe Common and Moreton Shore.    I sent an email to the Council calling for immediate action to put this right.   I am delighted to have received an email today from Roger Calvert in Parks and Open Spaces telling me that they hope to have the worst section of the road resurfaced before the end of May.   Now thats the sort of response the Council should be giving every time!

I have reproduced Roger’s email below:

From: Calvert, Roger
Sent: 08 April 2008 18:36
To: Blakeley, Chris (Councillor)
Subject: FW: carriageway – Leasowe Common/Moreton shore


Dear Councillor Blakeley,

        The section of road that you refer to is our responsibility and funding to resurface the worst sections of it has been made available in this financial year and it is our intention to complete the work before the end of May or sooner if possible.

         If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.


                       Roger Calvert