Creative! Wirral Labours New Word for Closure?

Here we go again, only back in control for three weeks and already Labour is threatening our libraries, clearly they have not learned the lessons of the past.    Read more by clicking HERE.      My message to the Cabinet Member, Cllr Chris Meaden is clear.  If you are going to be creative, use the £240,000 the Conservatives put into this years Council budget to improve Wirral’s libraries…..    Of course Labour would not be able to go down this road if it wasn’t for the nine empty seats vacated by the Lib Dems?

Is there an Election Due? AKA Bye Bye Ron!

Well there must be as Labour have started to deliver leaflets in certain parts of the Borough.    Never hear from them unitil about 6 weeks before an election.   Yesterday former Council Leader, Steve Foulkes was delivering in my road, clearly must be worried that Ron Abbey is going to lose his seat…..   Well as former leader he must have lots of time on his hands!  

It is to be hoped that after May 5th Ron Abbey also has lots of spare time on his hands.   I am sure that in losing, he would make his Merseytravel colleagues very happy!   Isn’t that right Mr Vice Chairman?

Labour candidate joins the Conservatives

A senior Wirral Labour Candidate has joined the Conservatives.  Geoff Dormand achieved the highest-ever Labour vote in Greasby, Frankby and Irby Ward in the local elections in May 2010.     The drive by the Conservatives to open up the Council and to consult residents on services was cited by Geoff as one of the reasons why he decided to make the switch.      

Geoff lives in Seacombe and is joint Chairman of the Seacombe Community Partnership and also a member of the Wirral Older People’s Parliament.     Geoff said: “I am passionate about giving more power to local communities such as Seacombe and what the new Council is doing should have all-Party support.  Locally, I have often been helped by Denis Knowles who, I believe, is a good councillor.” 

Cllr. Jeff Green, Leader of the Council, said: “I am delighted to welcome someone who wants to put the needs of his community first. Geoff did really well for Labour in Greasby and his loss will be a bitter blow to them.    “Geoff is clearly committed to his local community and wants to make sure that people in Seacombe are fully consulted and involved.  That is only going to happen with the new Administration in the Town Hall.”

Norman Tunna George Cross!

L to R Lib Dem Cllr Dave Mitchell, Lib Dem Cllr Peter Millea, Conservative Cllr Chris Blakeley all representing Mersyside Integrated Transport Authority (Merseytravel)

This morning I was delighted and honoured to attend a service of dedication at Merseyrail Electrics Central Station in Birkenhead as a Conservative representative of Merseytravel.    (all three political parties were invited to attend) 

The service was in memory of a shunter, Norman Tunna, who 70 years ago today, during the blitz at Birkenhead Central,  carried out an act of bravery that undoubtedly saved the lives of many people and saved countless others from serious injury.

The service was attended by Norman’s Son and Daughter and lots of his relatives who had travelled from many parts of the country to be here, and was conducted by the Reverend Richard Cook, Railway Chaplain for the North West and culminated in the unveiling of a plaque which will be a permanent memorial to him.  

I would like to thank Merseyrail for organising this service and in particular Sally Ralston who pulled the whole thing together, I would also like to thank the Reverend Cook and all of Norman’s relatives who made the service this morning, one to remember.

It really was a shame,and a disgrace that not one of the 10 New Labour Councillors who serve on Merseytravel could be bothered to make the effort to attend this very special service of dedcation in memory of a very brave man!     It is a sign of  total disrespect of Mr Tunna and his family!

So It’s Mister (R)Ed! (Milliband That Is)

So after four wearisome months the New Labour party has selected Ed Milliband as it’s new leader.    Bring it on Ed….    As for the also rans it will be interesting to see if Ed wants any of them in his shadow cabinet, and if they are interested in serving under him.       It seems the Union votes have produced New Labour’s new leader, and it is the Unions that now unequivocably control New Labour….