I’m Backing Chris Because…

John Reynolds“We need a new rail station”

“This area has grown a lot over recent years. You can see it by the extra traffic on our roads. That’s why Chris’s work to see if a new station can be built really matters.

“He’s asked for our views, listened to our concerns and is pushing Merseytravel to act. We’ve seen a big investment in our railways. Let’s make sure Moreton doesn’t miss out.”

John Reynolds

Backing the plan for Town Meadow Rail Station

Millhouse Estate, Moreton

Did this Dam contribute to the floods in Moreton last week?


Following the recent floods in the Tern Way area of Moreton, I have been working with my colleagues, Councillors Bruce Berry and Steve Williams alomg with residents to try to find out why the flooding caused so many homes to be evacuated.

Now, after a week of site investigations and meetings with residents I have found that a temporary ‘dam on the nearby Arrowe Brook was erected before the waters backed up, at the same time as work by United Utilities nearby.

It was shocking to find that a considerable amount of waste and rubble had been dumped into the Arrowe Brook, to create a makeshift bridge for construction vehicles to cross.

This appears to have had a knock on effect which, when combined with a period of heavy rainfall, meant the water could not flow along the Brook but, instead, backed up into people’s homes.

During a walk along the Arrowe Brook with Cllr Berry also met with some of the tenants of the farmland.

i have called for a full investigation to identify why the Environment Agency gave permission for the ‘dam’ to be created.

Over 30 homes have been damaged; families displaced and others left feeling vulnerable should this happen again.

I believe the Council’s Coastal Drainage Team and the Environment Agency must also work quickly to ensure that this ‘dam’ is removed and that the Arrowe Brook is cleared of all rubbish, debris and undergrowth.

Pictured at top Councillors Chris Blakeley and Bruce Berry at the dam’ on the Arrowe Brook in Moreton.

Arrowebrook Flooding

I have spent today doing what I can as a local Councillor to help people who have been affected in various ways by the flooding following the freak weather conditions which resulted in the Arrowebrook bursting its banks and flooding properties on both the Millhouse and Lingham Estates.

Some of the worst affected areas were Carnoustie Close, Wastdale Drive and Ternway with some house having up to two feet of water in them causing damage to furniture, blowing electrics and gas and causing major problems to the inside of the homes.

Now we have to remember this was freak weather, sadly with no warning from the Met office or the Environment Agency and taking people completely by surprise, however we must learn the lessons from this flooding.

I have spoken with a representative from the Environment Agency and with the Councils lead officer on flooding and I have requested an urgent meeting with them in order to determine what action can be taken to prevent this devastation happening again.

Read more HERE and HERE

Flooding Pics

Out and About

This morning I met up with Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Denis Knowles, Leah Fraser, and Karen (Steves wife, who was behind the lens) to deliver a letter across the Millhouse Estate informing people of the outcome of the public meeting and what action the Council’s Highways Engineers would be taking to try to slow traffic and improve road safety in the area.      The weather was lovely, and with five of us it only took us just over an hour to deliver 700 letters.    Thanks to Denis and Leah for coming over to help the Moreton Team.

Saturday 27th February, 2010

Earlier this morning, along with members of the Action Team, I was out delivering letters to the Lingham and Millhouse estates, notifying people of a forthcoming survey that will take place in the area.    (More on that in a few weeks).     Straight from delivering I went to the open day at the Wirral Attendance Centre, at the Solar Campus on Leasowe Road with colleagues, Leah Fraser, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Ian Lewis .     It is a Centre for young offenders, and they are sent by the courts to attend for a set number of hours on a Saturday morning as a punishment.     Whilst there, they participate in various activities that are designed to put them back on the straight and narrow.     The staff and volunteers do tremendous work with some of the hardest to reach (socially) youth in our society.   

From there it was Paninos in Moreton for lunch and a breather, before the teams set off again to deliver in Leasowe, Liscard and Wallasey.      We saw the sitting MP delivering in Moreton,  her leaflet proclaiming that  her campaign was launched?       Our campaign to elect Leah Fraser as the next MP for Wallasey and Moreton was launched five years ago, the day after the last general election!

It’s a Mystery?

Chris pictured at the UU site in Carr Lane

Yesterday evening I received lots of complaints  from residents who live on the Millhouse estate, and right across Moreton and Saughall Massie.      All the complaints talked of a pungent, sulphurous, bad egg odour.    The usual suspect was of course the United Utilities, Waste Water Treatment Works in Carr Lane.     As well as contacting the UU Odour hotline, I also reported it to Toby Zorn, the Council’s Environmental Health Officer for the area.       

Toby has just telephoned me to tell me that yesterday, he received many complaints about odours, from Moreton, Saughall Massie, Meols, Upton and Liscard.     So today he started his investigation.   UU at Carr Lane said they had no system failures that they were aware of,  however something may have happened they were not aware of?    Toby then discovered that a farmer had been slurry spreading yesterday in Pump Lane, could it have been that?   He stood next to it today and there was no odour!    He also said that the wind direction was not right for it to have spread right across Moreton!     So what caused the stench?   It may have been UU, it may have been the slurry, or perhaps it was a combination of both,  however none of those theories explain the Liscard complaints?     I suppose that this will remain one of lifes unanswered questions……   But my money is still on UU being the culprit!

Waste Water Treatment Works, Carr Lane!

I understand from telephone calls, Facebook, Twitter, and email that the stinking odour, apparently coming from the United Utilities (UU) Waste Water Treatment Works in Carr Lane is hanging over Moreton like a huge stink bomb.    I have called the UU Odour Hotline number, and would urge as many residents as possible to do the same.   The number to call is: 0845 309 4098