More Water Works Disruption!

As readers of the blog will be aware, here in Moreton we have over the last couple of years had our share of disruption as a result of works by United Utilities.    Just when you thought it was all over along they come again, this time creating some havoc around Moreton Cross for six weeks.    OK I know it has to be done, but why not do it during the six weeks of school holidays when at peak time there is not as much traffic on the roads.    But then I suppose that would mean using common sense!    You can read more from United Utilities by clicking HERE


United Utilities – Here We Go Again!

I have recently been alerted to further work to be carried out by United Utilities in Hoylake Road to the mains water line.    You can read more about that by clicking here

The work forms part of a wider series of projects across various areas of the Wirral that will enable United Utilities to improve the water supplies to over 190000 people.   The work in Hoylake road will involve laying a new water pipeline in the highway so there will be some disruption to traffic whilst we carry out our works.     The work will start in early May and take around twelve weeks to complete.    United Utilities have a communications plan in place for the work in Hoylake road that will include a letter drop to local residents, visits to local businesses, communications with local schools, emergency services, bus companies.  We will also install major road works signs along the route prior to stating works.       If you want further information please go to: United Utilities: Wirral water main cleaning

United Utilities a DISGRACE!

Earlier this week, along with the other Wallasey Councillors I was notified, via email, by United Utilities  Public Affairs Manager that due to a water mains repair in Reeds Lane, thousands of homes would be without water from 8pm tonight (Thursday 20th May) until 6am in the morning.    We were all told in that email that:  “Notices will be delivered to properties affected by the shut off.”  Well that was totally untrue!

I did not receive a card, neither did hundreds, if not thousands of people who live in this area, so no one in this area thought they were going to be affected by the shut off, and did not take precautions to fill kettles etc .    How wrong we all were, yep our water has gone off as well.   I will manage, but I fear for the elderly and the vulnerable who will have no water, who worry about their central heating systems, who wont be able to have a hot drink, or flush their toilets, simply because United Utilities failed to keep their promise to notify people.

I called the hotline number to be told that they did not think the shut off would affect us!   Are they really so naive that they think they will believe them.    When I asked to speak to a senior manager I was told none were available, when I suggested that they contact one they said they did not have contact numbers?    What a disgraceful kop out, what a disgraceful and dismissive way to deal with people, what a totally uncaring outfit they are.    They really should hang their heads in shame.

I have telephoned Dave Green (the Councils Director of Technical Services) at home, and asked that he writes to UU’s Chief Executive asking for a full explanation of what has gone on.   I will also be asking the relevant Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee to call UU in and hold them to account over this disgraceful and unacceptable situation.

Heron Road, Mains Leak Repaired, But Road Remains Closed!

I have just received the following update on Heron Road from the Council’s Highways Department:

“Dear Councillors,   for your information the EMERGENCY water burst along Heron Road, Meols reported yesterday has now been repaired and made safe by UNITED UTILITIES.    However, due to continued monitoring of the leak, existing carriageway/ground conditions and availability of materials to assist with the permanent reinstatement it will be necessary for Heron Road to remain closed until early next week for safety reasons.     I will keep you updated with progress, however please be assured that best efforts are being made to resolve this situation at the earliest convenience.     In the meantime, should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.”


Carl Amos Principal Assistant Engineer.  Tel: 0151 606 2370

United Utillities Do Give A Damn – Thanks UU!

Readers of the blog will recall that I posted an article here the other day, chastising United Utilities (UU) because their contractor, Morgan Est parked their vehicle on the newly paved area adjacent to the Iceland Store, whilst another vehicle parked on the paved area on Hoylake Road.    The area by Iceland has only recently been paved after two years of lobbying, and UU undid that work by the actions of their contractor.    As a result I asked the question, do United Utiliities give a damn?  

Web UU Pavement Parling Iceland 20 June 2009 1130amWell clearly they do, as a result of the posting and an email I was contacted by UU, and I have just met with the Project Manager, the Agent for Morgan Est and the Councils Streetworks, and I am delighted to say that they will replace 10 damaged paving stones on the land adjacent to Iceland Store.  That really is good news, and credit were credit is due, thanks UU, clearly in this case you do give a damn.