Wirral Labour Council slammed by Ofsted for its failure to look after Children.

In a damning, and in places chilling report, Ofsted have rated Wirral Borough Council as INADEQUATE.   The full Ofsted report can be read by clicking HERE

Its clear from this that the Labour Group on Wirral, who have publicly stated that they are RULING this Council have been sleeping on the job, and it really is time that the Leader of the Council and his Cabinet resigned.   They have failed the most vulnerable children in our care.

You only have to look at Lyndale School and Girtrell Court to witness how callous and thoughtless this lot is.

Read what the Wirral Globe says HERE


Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has put their faith and trust in me. I am delighted, honoured and privileged to be elected to serve for a fifth consecutive term in Moreton and Saughall Massie. Be assured that I will continue to do my very best for you all.

I am also delighted that the voters of Moreton and Saughall Massie soundly rejected Labours dirty tactics campaign, with their onslaught of personal attacks on me questioning my commitment, honesty and integrity.    The Labour campaign was one of, if not the dirtiest campaign I have ever seen in any ward or constituency throughout the UK.   Here in Moreton and the Wallasey Constituency the Labour Party have shown themselves up for what they really are!  Anyway enough of them.

The full result of the election is reproduced below

Candidate                              Party                    Votes                     %
Chris Blakeley                    Conservative           2384                57% Elected

Karl Greaney                      Labour                      1425                 34%

Beryl Jones                         UKIP                            301                 7%

Lindsey Stowell-Smith     Green Party                 86                  2%

Voting Summary

Total votes 4196
Electorate 10682
Number of ballot papers issued 4213
Number of ballot papers rejected 17
Turnout 39%
Share of the votes (%)
Chris Blakeley 57% Elected
Karl Gerard Greaney 34% Not elected
Beryl Rosina Jones 7% Not elected
Lindsey Stowell-Smith 2% Not elected

Rejected ballot papers 17



New Footway for Maryland Lane.

Readers of the blog will know that over the year I have been working with local residents who live in the sheltered bungalows to get trees cut down and the footway resurfaced, which was continually being damaged by root growth. You can read more on that HERE

Today I was delighted to visit the area and talk to local residents about the work that has been taking place at my request. It’s fair to say that they are all delighted with the outcome of a lovely newly reconstructed footway finished in bitmac.

So it’s only right I say thank you to Council Officers and the workmen for such a good job. This outcome clearly demonstrates that perseverance and not taking no for an answer pays off.

Reporting back #3

Over the last few weeks, and working with my colleagues Councillors Steve Williams and Bruce Berry, I have been calling on homes in this area to meet residents and discuss local issues. Thank you to everyone who answered their door and gave us their time.

This post is a report back on the action we have taken on some of the issues that were raised most often by residents. If you were out when we called, or if you have thought of an issue since then, please let me know using the contact details on this letter. We can’t promise to solve every problem, but we will try our best!

Meadowbrook Road: the issue raised by many residents was the ongoing problem of speeding traffic. The Town Hall has advised me that they prioritise the road safety budget on the roads with the highest recorded number of crashes and collisions. I have asked, again, for a new review of the traffic in this area and for possible solutions.

Dog fouling: sadly, a small number of owners are still not picking up after their pets. Some additional signage (for the owners, not the dogs!) would help, as would extra publicity for those people who are being fined for not picking up after their pets.

Harlian Avenue Pot Holes and flooding: people mentioned the condition of the carriageway and the ongoing flooding problem when it rains. We have asked the Council to look into the issues raised and come up with a solution.

Childwall Close and Oak Close parking: several residents asked about parking issues in this area and asked if improved lineage including yellow lines would bring about an improvement.

Childwall Avenue: residents raised concerns that Childwall Avenue was being used as a ‘rat run’ by vehicles to avoid Moreton Cross and have asked if any traffic calming measures could be introduced. We have asked the Council to look into this request.

Faulty street lights: we have reported those street lights that were ‘on’ during daylight hours.

Reporting Back #1

Over the last few weeks, and working with my colleagues Councillors Steve Williams and Bruce Berry, I have been calling on homes to meet residents and discuss local issues. Thank you to everyone who answered their door and gave us their time. Below is a brief summary of the issues and the action taken.

Maryland Lane pavements: the recently laid surface, near the bungalows is already lifting. Clearly not a job that was built to last. I have asked for the area to be reinspected and the lumps and bumps to be removed, before anyone else trips.

Lingham Lane Postbox: we have contacted Royal Mail and asked for the Postbox to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

Rubbish hotspot – Old Maryland Lane: the litter at the rear of the homes on Barnston Lane has now been removed, following our requests to the Council.

Grass cutting: we noticed that several of the grass verges had not been cut and so asked for action by the Council’s contractor. I am pleased to report that many of the verges were tackled within two days of our request.

Bramble Way footpath and steps: this footpath to Pasture Road is, once again, being used for anti social behaviour. I have again met with council officers on site and have asked for action to tackle this.

Berrylands Road steps: access for some residents with prams or mobility scooters is difficult due to the steps leading to the footpath (behind Harvest Court). I have now met with Council officers to see if the steps can be turned into a ramp and hope to report back soon on this.

Overgreen Grove:the dropped crossing at the junction with Digg Lane is damaged. I have asked for action and the Council has agreed to repair it.

Parking Issues: residents in Digg Lane, Overgreen Grove, Netherton Road, Fairfield Crescent and parts of Berrylands Road are all reporting difficulties in parking – mainly due to the increase in car ownership and lack of off street parking. There is not a great deal that can be done although we have asked the Council to look at some extra parking where possible in some locations.

Netherton Road: I have also asked for ‘dropped crossing’ at the junction of Netherton Road with Digg Lane to assist people with mobility issues.

Litherland Avenue: residents have complained about wheelie bins being left out all week at the end of the alleyway to rear of Willaston Road, while residents of Willaston Road have also highlighted the litter in the alleyway.  We have asked the Council to take action to keep the area tidy and would also ask residents to put their bins away (this also reduces the risk of them being damaged or stolen). Residents with mobility issues can register for ‘assistance’ with their bins by calling 0151 606 2004

Pasture Road: tree roots are damaging sewers while overhanging trees (on the footway at the bridge) are also a problem. We have asked for action by the Council and Magenta Homes (who own the land where some of the trees are located).

Sunnyside: issues were raised by residents regarding the footway, grassed/weeded area and fly tipping. Unfortunately the Council tell us that Sunnyside is unadopted (ie not owned by the Council) and, as such, they will not take any action on these issues.

Meadfoot Road burglary: the latest report on the website includes a burglary in Meadfoot Road in April. Residents are asked to ensure they keep doors and windows locked, particularly ground floor at night or if they go out and the same for garages and sheds. If you would like help to set up a ‘HomeWatch’ scheme in your road, please let me know.

Finally, if you have any comments or questions on any issue in this letter, or anything else you would like to raise, please let me know. Your three councillors work for all residents, regardless of how you may have voted in the recent election.