Live in New Brighton, Moreton, West Kirby, Heswall, Liscard, Bromborough, Bebington, Upton or Irby? – Will you be paying to park outside your house?

Last night I attended a Council Business Scrutiny workshop.   One of the items, and perhaps the most emotive was the proposals to increase the Council’s income by increasing car parking charges by 50p per hour at existing Council car parks and to introduce further car parking charges, on street and off street at nine locations across the Borough, as well imposing a £4.00 per day fixed charge at Wirrals Country Parks.

While I am waiting for further detail the hit list for the nine locations for introducing car parking charges is: New Brighton (including Fort Perch Rock), Moreton, West Kirby, Hoylake, Heswall, Liscard, Bromborough, Bebington, Upton and Irby.    The charges are likely to apply to many on street areas in our towns, so a an example in Moreton the two car parks, Holt Avenue and Garden Lane as well as on street charges on Hoylake Road, Upton Road, Pasture Road etc.    In West Kirby, along the promenade, The Crescent, Grange Road, Banks Road and side roads, In Hoylake on Market Street and the side roads etc; and so it goes on in other towns.

The Country Parks include, Wirral Country Park, Royden Park, Arrowe Park, Eastham Country Park etc and at £4.00 per day that is going to disadvantage thousands of people who simply want to visit for an hour or so, perhaps dog walkers etc.

I am aware that New Brighton resident, Darren May had the foresight to see this coming and last week started an online petition opposing the introduction of parking charges in New Brighton.   I would urge people to sign that petition ASAP and it can be accessed by clicking HERE.

I am sure other people will also be setting up petitions and you may want to sign them as well.

One thing is for certain we need to send a very strong message to this Labour-led Council if we are to stop this decimation of our Towns and Parks.

Are Wirral’s Council Taxpayers funding Private Security Service

It’s been revealed that Wirral’s Community Patrol Service, set up to provide security to Council buildings, is also being used to provide ‘free’ security for a number of private and commercial organisations

Initially I was advised that the Council was providing security patrols at Angela Eagle’s Office, presumably to protect her from her own members after the brick through a window in the building.

However, after further investigations, the Town Hall supplied a list of other venues, from the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre in Liscard to a private housing development at Milner Street.

At a time when the Town Hall tells us there is no money, why is the taxpayer subsidising private security to building owners who should be paying for their own security? While these properties are being patrolled, Council buildings, parks and open spaces are not getting the full attention of the Community Patrol.

You can read the report in the Liverpool Echo by clicking HERE

Newslines, Coffee and Bacon Butties!

This morning, along with 27 others I was out delivering Newslines to the good people of Liscard and Egremont.

The weather was great, and between us, the whole ward, 6,500ish households received the Newsline.     Once we had finished it was back to Leah’s for coffee and bacon butties.     A great morning, thanks to everyone who turned out!

Saturday 27th February, 2010

Earlier this morning, along with members of the Action Team, I was out delivering letters to the Lingham and Millhouse estates, notifying people of a forthcoming survey that will take place in the area.    (More on that in a few weeks).     Straight from delivering I went to the open day at the Wirral Attendance Centre, at the Solar Campus on Leasowe Road with colleagues, Leah Fraser, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Ian Lewis .     It is a Centre for young offenders, and they are sent by the courts to attend for a set number of hours on a Saturday morning as a punishment.     Whilst there, they participate in various activities that are designed to put them back on the straight and narrow.     The staff and volunteers do tremendous work with some of the hardest to reach (socially) youth in our society.   

From there it was Paninos in Moreton for lunch and a breather, before the teams set off again to deliver in Leasowe, Liscard and Wallasey.      We saw the sitting MP delivering in Moreton,  her leaflet proclaiming that  her campaign was launched?       Our campaign to elect Leah Fraser as the next MP for Wallasey and Moreton was launched five years ago, the day after the last general election!

Another SUPER Saturday!

Yep, this morning, whilst Gordon Brown was trying to convince the nation that New Labour is the only party that can create a fair society (whats he been doing for the last 13 years then?), we had teams out delivering Leah Fraser’s ‘Change’ magazine in New Brighton, Leasowe, Seacombe and Wallasey, and this afternoon the canvassers will be out knocking on doors across the constiuency.     Time For Change in Wallasey and Moreton………..

Approved, But ONLY After Objectors Have Left!

Last Night, while I was at planning I witnessed a real cock up,  (with worse to follow later).    A planning application was being considered that impacted on Thirlmere Drive in Liscard.   Quite a lot of objectors turned up and ward Councillor, Leah Fraser addressed the committee.   After a debate, Conservative Councillor, Paul Hayes moved an amendment to refuse the application ( Officers had recommendation approval).   The amendment was put and lost, however the officers recommendation which should have been voted on wasn’t, so in effect the application was not approved.  

The objectors left, as did I and Leah.    I have since learned in an email from the Chairman of the Committee that the Legal Officer present advised the Chairman to take a vote on the matter later in the evening, this after the objectors had left.   How open and transparent is that?    I believe this sort of behaviour is outrageous and demonstrates a clear disregard for the public of Wirral.    Both myself and Leah have spoken to the Head of Law and asked him to intervene in this matter.    He has assured me that No decision notice will be sent out, until he has carried out his investigation into this matter.

Super Saturday!

Today the Action Teams were out in force across the Constituency, continuing the work that will make 2010 the year of change in Wallasey and Moreton.    We had teams out in Moreton and Saughall Massie and Liscard delivering Leah Fraser’s 12 page ‘Change’ magazine, at the same time another team was out in Leasowe and Moreton East delivering letters to voters, and yet another team was out canvassing in Seacombe! What a great day.    What could the opposition muster, well Angela was seen, looking very cold, with a small team doing a bit of door knocking in Moreton……..      Roll on May 6th, It’s time for Change.