Around and about in Moreton and Saughall Massie

Yestbb-linear-parkerday I met up with my colleague, Cllr Bruce Berry to have a look at a couple of issues that have been brought to our attention.

First up it’s the footpaths around Linear Park which to be quite frank are in a terrible state with the surface breaking up, flooding etc, a real hazard if a young child falls.    We have asked the Council to deal with this before, but they have always said ‘There are no actionable defects’.

We have now asked one of the Managers for Highways to become involved and we hope he will view this area as needing some sort of resurfacing or repair.


bb-saughall-roadSecondly we have asked AGAIN for all the excess chippings to be swept from Saughall Road following the resurfacing late last year.

While we we walking the road we noted that in places the new surface is breaking up quite badly. It’s particularly bad near to the junction with Garden Hey Road and we have asked the Council to get the contractor back to remedy all the faults and sweep away the loose chippings.   It’s fair to say that the quality of workmanship at this location is less that satisfactory.


Earlier this evening, along with my colleague, Cllr Steve Williams I attended the Police ‘Have Your Say’ forum at Moreton Community Centre.   At the meeting a resident made us aware that someone had removed one of the perimeter fence panels from Linear Park!

After the meeting Steve and I went to have a look and sure enough some ‘Mindless’ idiot(s) for reasons only they could possibly understand (assuming of course they posessed a brain?) had forced away one of the pieces of fencing ( I am pictured below with the fence panel next to the gap it has left).    We only had this park refurbished last year at a cost of £80,000 and it is a lovely place for children to enjoy.    The last thing we need is idiots wrecking it!

The Police are on the case and they quickly got some information from some of the children in the park this evening, hopefully that will lead them to the moron(s) who did this.   In the meantime I have asked the Council to reaffix the fence ASAP.

Two Down – Not a Good Day for Vodafone or O2

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton Community will be aware that last year Wirral’s Planners refused permission for a Telephone Mast on Town Meadow Lane, near to Linear Park.       Vodafone and O2 the operators were not happy with that decision and lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate.

Local residents supported by me, Steve and Simon set about submitting a petition, lodging letters of objection and making the inspector aware that it would be wrong to overturn Wirral Planners decision.

I am therefore delighted that I have been notified that the Planning Inspector has dismissed the appeal and told Vodafone and O2 that a mast at this location was inappropriate.    You can read the Insectors report by clicking HERE.

Seems with Saughall Massie Road refusal, and now Town Meadow Lane, that its not a good day for Vodafone or O2.     I have just learned that they have now submitted an application for Holt Avenue.    Lets hope we eventually get a hat trick of refusals!

Massive Opposition to Vodafones Appeal

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton community will be aware of the appeal made by Vodafone for a telephone mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment on Town Meadow Lane (near the the Linear Park Childrens Play Area).    The application was originally refused by Wirral’s Planners back in April and Vodafone left it until two days before the expiry before they appealed.    

Since then I am aware that many local residents have sent in letters objecting, and thanks to John and Julie (two residents who live close by) a huge petition of over 450 signatures has been collected and submitted to the planning inspectorate.      Its not too late to object, but be quick, you have until the 8th December to get your objection to the Inspector, and don’t forget it has to be in triplicate.    For more information click HERE

Good News – Council Will Say NO to Vodafone

Last month we blogged about the planning application by Vodafone for a telephone mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment to be installed adjacent to Linear Park on Town Meadow Lane.       The response from the public in opposing the application has been tremendous with over 30 individual objections and a petition of 136 signatures being submitted to Wirral’s Planning Department.

In addition to the residents objections, Cllr Simon Mountney, Leah Fraser, Cllr Steve Williams and me have been supporting local residents to convince planning officers that this application, for a mast, in an inappropriate location, should be refused. 

We are delighted to inform you that yesterday the Councils Development Control Manager, Matthew Davies, informed us that the application will be refused under delegated authority, which means that residents do not have to attend the Planning Committee meeting on the 22nd April.   See below for a copy of Mathew Davies email to me. 

We are very happy with this outcome, however the applicant does have the right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.   Should an appeal be submitted we will let people know as soon as possible.    We would like to thank to all those people who objected, those who collected signatures on the petition, as well as those who signed the petition.     This really is a victory for common sense.

From: Davies, Matthew W.
Sent: 07 April 2010 17:44
To: Blakeley, Chris (Councillor)
Cc: McDougall, Alexandra K.; Julie Carr; Williams, Stephen M. (Councillor); Mountney, Simon R. (Councillor)
Subject: RE: ANT/10/00325 – Telecom Mast at Town Meadow Lane, Moreton

Dear Councillor Blakeley, 

I have the application and will authorise the refusal as soon as the last date for comment has expired on 16 April 2010.  I will ensure that you are forwarded a copy of the Decision Notice for your records and that Mrs Carr, lead petitioner, is also sent a copy of the decision. 


Matthew Davies, Development Control Manager, Technical Services Department, Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, WIRRAL CH41 1ND

Telephone Mast, Update

Earlier today I spoke with Wirral’s planning officer who is dealing with the Vodafone telephone mast application in Town Meadow Lane, near to Linear Park.      She told me that up to now there had been 32 individual letters/emails opposing the application, that really is a substantial amount and demonstrates the public opposition to this inappropriate application.      I am told that the report that is going to committee on the 22nd April has been written, and I hope that we won’t be disappointed by the officers recommendation!    I will blog more as further information becomes available.

An Artists Impression

Thanks to local resident John Owen for putting together the artists impression (pic above) of what the Vodafone Telephone Mast may look like if the planning application is approved, all I have done is added the text.   It must be stressed the picture is not to scale, and is only designed to show how obtrusive it would be, and how it would blight an otherwise lovely area of Open Green Recreational Space.      Once again many thanks to John, for the pic and for all the other facts he has provided me with to aid the opposition to the application.    John has his own website which can be accessed by clicking HERE.      For more information on the planing application and information on how you can object to it click HERE