Save Our Greenbelt

It seems that the greenbelt in Saughall Massie and Moreton continues to be under threat of development.

First of all we know that the Fire Service want to close West Kirby and Upton Fire Stations and build a new one on greenbelt on Saughall Massie Road close to the sheltered accommodation in Woodpecker Close.  As yet no planning application has been submitted, but we are expecting one shortly    An online petition opposing that can be found by clicking HERE  A Facebook page has also been set up.

Second we have been made aware of a potential scheme, Seaview Meadows on Leasowe Common on land next to the Leasowe Castle Hotel.  More information can be found by clicking HERE  I have telephoned and emailed the company, based in the Isle of Man twice, to date they have not responded.

Finally it has been revealed that Taylor Wimpey have paid Vyner Estates £190,000 (Subject to Planning Permission) to build on the fields adjacent and opposite Diamond Farm in Saughall Massie Village.  As yet no planning application has been submitted but we will be watching closely

Err —– I have just come to say Hello!

Those were the words of the Leader of the Council when he came along to the Moreton, Leasowe and Saughall Massie Area Forum earlier this evening, the three members of the public who were present did not seem at all  impressed as he repeated his hello numerous times, but then again why would they?

The evening started well with my nomination and election unopposed to Chair the Forum, I was delighted to accept the nomination and the position.     Sadly we started the meeting with only one member of the public present, but two others attended during the meeting.    

The meeting was just coming to an end, when in walks the Leader of the Council, who asked my permission to address the three….    Of course I said yes, even though he refused my leader permission to speak at Cabinet last week!    He bumbled and mumbled his way through about five minutes of spiel and left….  

Anyway the next Area Forum is in October in Moreton, more on that nearer the time…

A Great Night on The Knocker (AKA, Bye Bye Ron)

This evening, along with 14 others I was out knocking on doors on the Leasowe estate. The reception was absolutely amazing, with many people telling us how pleased they were with what Ian Lewis and Steve Smith had done for them. One hardened Labour supporter, who I never thought would vote for us, said they would be voting for Steve, and, if he was ‘half as good as Ian, he would be a great Councillor… Praise indeed.

Burtons Moreton

Steve Smith in the Blue and Me marching past the Burtons Site

This morning, along with the Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeff Green and my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Ian Lewis and Steve Smith we joined up with around 500 others to march in support of saving the 342 jobs that are under threat at the Burtons site on Pasture Road.    

I used to work at this site, both for Cadbury’s, and in G Block for Tulip International (formerly known as Jaka Foods), and I met my wife in the cakes department, so as well as living in Moreton, and being fortunate enough to be a Councillor for Moreton and Saughall Massie I have a long association and affinity with this site, and will do all I can to help save these jobs and protect this site as a manufacturing site.

I was though, disappointed with the behaviour of a few of the marchers who verbally attacked us calling us scum and chanting Tories off the March.    These are clearly quite sad moronic individuals who had obviously lost site of why we were there.   This is not about party politics, it is about coming together and showing unity to try to save these jobs.   I suppose as they grow up they will learn!

Wallasey and Moreton Conservatives

The Wallasey and Moreton Conservatives website has been ‘offline’ for a couple of months while our Central Office revamped the sites.    I am delighted that today, the newly designed website has been launched and can be accessed at:     The site is still ‘work in progress’ and will be populated with more content over the next couple of weeks.      To run alongside it we have also launched the Wallasey and Moreton Facebook page if you want to find us on Facebook click here

Spreading the Word!

L to R: Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Denis Knowles, Steve Smith, Cllr Ian Lewis. ME, Cllr Jeff Green, Leah Fraser, Cllr James Keeley, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Tony Pritchard (thanks to Marg for taking the pic)

Earlier today, in crisp, icy but dry weather I met up with Steve Smith, and Cllr Ian Lewis and others, including the Leader of the Council, Jeff Green to help distribute the latest issue of Newsline to the good people of Moreton and Leasowe.

We split up into pairs and spread ourselves far and wide across the ward to get the maximum spread, with me and Leah Fraser taking the long walk,  Hoylake Road, Burnely Road and roads off (Don’t worry Don we left ‘Red Rose’ out) finishing in Chapelhill Road.   It was a great couple of hours, lots of people chatting to us, all delighted with the Council’s consultation process, and the open and transparent way we are now doing business.

Funds for You

Tonight with my colleagues and community reps we went through all the bids for funding from the Council’s Funds for You pot.     All in all we had just over £34,000 available and many of the bids that were relevant to Leasowe, Moreton and Saughall Massie were succesful, and one or two bids that were not particularly area specific were also successful.   I have listed below some of the succesful bids:

  • Moreton Community Lights Association £5,000.00
  • West Wirral Boys Club £2,080.00
  • Yewtree Online Centre £705.00
  • Leasowe Youth Football Club £1,000.00
  • Moreton Community Centre £2,500.00
  • Mens Keep Fit & Health £1,019.78
  • Leasowe Autumn Club £2003.90
  • Leasowe Adventure Playground £2,000.00
  • Leasowe Art Club ££1,291.77
  • Moreton Towns Womens Guild £500.00
  • Breath Easy Wirral £507.00
  • St Vincent de Paul Society £2,160.00
  • New Brighton Junior Rugby £924.00
  • Wallasey Amateur Boxing Club £2,500.00
  • Friends of the Council Kennels £1,000.00

Total allocated:  £25,191.45    Before any money can be made available all the bids need to be aproved by Wirral’s Cabinet.