Tesco Express at The Plough to be Approved?

Next Tuesday (1oth August), Wirral’s Planning Committee will decide if the Tesco Express planning application on the site of the Plougn Pub will go ahead or not.     Wirral’s Planning Officers are recommending that the application should be approved, albeit with a huge amount of conditions, many of which are traffic related.    You can read the full report by clicking here  

The application was deferred for a site visit at my request, and that site visit will be held at 12:30pm next Monday 9th August prior to the decision being made.   You can read  what the Wirral Globes says by clicking here


Crossbar – For The Avoidance of Doubt!

This morning after I had been out delivering letters on the Millhouse estate I wandered around the shops in Moreton, whilst I was on my walkabout  I was verbally attacked by previous customers of the Plough saying I had stopped Ray (Navarro) getting a license for the Crossbar on Upton Road.   

Now lets get one thing straight.   THE ONLY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LICENSE BEING REFUSED IS RAMON NAVARRO.   HIS NAME WAS ON THE APPLICATION AND THE POLICE SUBMITTED A HORRENDOUS REPRESENTATION MAKING IT CLEAR THEY WOULD NOT SUPPORT AN APPLICATION THAT MEANT NAVARRO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PREMISES.     I have that police representation, and up to now I have resisted the temptation to put it in the public domain, however my patience is now running a little thin, and if these attacks continue I will post it.

Strange that at the application hearing the other applicant and the tenant made great efforts to say Ramon Navarro would have absolutely nothing to do with the running of the Crossbar!   Clearly not what the former Plough customers think if what they said to me this morning was true.      Its clear that they believe that the Crossbar is the new Plough!

All Change!

‘Not a lot of people know that’ words attributed to Michael Caine, but actually spoken by Peter Sellars who was doing an impression of Michael Caine.   What relevance has that to this post?   Whenever I think of The Italian Job, I think of Micheal Caine, and The Italian Job is the name of the new restaurant in Moreton, formerly Ruis on Upton Road.  Welcome to Moreton, I will be giving it a try with Mrs B very soon.

I also noticed that work is now going inside the old Cartridge Shop, again on Upton Road, that has permission for a hot food takeaway, and today work was going on at the old Fosters Greengrocers, yep you guessed it on Upton Road, that’s advertising that it will be opening up soon as a traditional Fish and Chip Shop, add to that the Licensing Application for Crossbar (upton Road) and its All Change in Moreton!

Crossbar – Decision Day, Thursday 29th July

Wirral’s Licensing Panel meets this Thursday 29th July to consider whether or not to approve a license for the ‘Sports Bar’ to be known as Crossbar where the old Sorella’s used to be on Upton Road.     You can read the report going to the panel by clicking here.

The report says that the POlice have not made representation, that is an error.   The original representation made was I have to say the most damning I have ever seen made by the police, however following a meeting between the Police and one of the applicants, Michael Howells it appears a compromise solution has been agreed between them and the police have withdrawn their damning representation and replace it with the one that can be read by clicking HERE.

I will be attending on Thursday and will be asking the panel to take into account local residents fears and concerns as well as the ones clearly made by the Police in the first representation.    Hopefully the panel will make a sensible decision with regard to this application.   Watch this space for further news.

PS.  Just had an email from a resident alleging that the premises have been operating with the shutters down at the front?   I hope not!

Tesco’s at the Plough?

Earlier this evening I attended a public meeting at Paninos Coffe Shop in Moreton.   The meeting, to discuss the planning application for a Tesco Express on the site of the Plough, was called by local traders, and it was well attended with around 60 people, both from businesses and the local community.    It was clear that all those in attendance were opposed to the application.       In my role as a Councillor, I was able to advise on the planning process and valid reasons for objecting to the application.    As a way forward I suggested it would be worth asking for a site visit, when the application is to be considered by Wirral’s Planning Committee on Tuesday 6th July.    For more news on this, watch this space………

Not for Me Thanks!

Readers may recall my posting a few days ago about the possibility of a new Sports Bar (The Crossbar) being opened on the site of the former Sorella’s Wine bar in Upton Road.   It appears that the Council has granted what are known as ‘Temporary Event Notices’ (TEN’s) to the applicant whilst they wait for their licensing application to be heard sometime mid to late July.  

The TEN’s are valid I am told for the following days Friday 18th through to Monday 21st June (Incl) Wednesday 23rd through to Saturday 26th June (Incl), 28th June through to the 01st July (incl), and 3rd July to 5th July (incl), a total of 15 days licensable activities.  On each day the premises can be open from 10am until 12 midnight.        

I hear that there has beeen some police activity at the premises and I understand an arrest?      Now normally I would just alert people to the application, as I did in my original posting and If necessary I may make afew comments myself to the Licensing Department about the application, as I have done on this occasion but only in relation to the late hours requested for a Friday and Saturday nights.     However in view of the police intervention on a temporary license, already, and because I have had sight of the damning police representation to the permanent  license application, I will be changing my comments to the Licensing Department and I will be asking Wirral’s Licensing Panel not to grant a license to the applicants for a license at these premises.

Have YOUR say!

On Tuesday 8th the Moreton, Saughall Massie and Leasowe Area Forum takes place at the Eastway Community Centre (By the Council’s One Stop Shop in Knutsford Road), starting at 7pm and finishing no later than 9pm.    The Forum gives local people the opportunity to hear from Councillors, Council, Officers and other agencies about things that are happening in their neighbourhood, as well as in the wider community.    Following the recent fiasco over the water supplies, I have requested that representatives of United Utilities  attend, to explain to us why they completely messed up over the recent planned mains repair!    They have agreed to attend, so come along and tell them what you think.    To access the full agenda click here