Around and about in Moreton and Saughall Massie

Yestbb-linear-parkerday I met up with my colleague, Cllr Bruce Berry to have a look at a couple of issues that have been brought to our attention.

First up it’s the footpaths around Linear Park which to be quite frank are in a terrible state with the surface breaking up, flooding etc, a real hazard if a young child falls.    We have asked the Council to deal with this before, but they have always said ‘There are no actionable defects’.

We have now asked one of the Managers for Highways to become involved and we hope he will view this area as needing some sort of resurfacing or repair.


bb-saughall-roadSecondly we have asked AGAIN for all the excess chippings to be swept from Saughall Road following the resurfacing late last year.

While we we walking the road we noted that in places the new surface is breaking up quite badly. It’s particularly bad near to the junction with Garden Hey Road and we have asked the Council to get the contractor back to remedy all the faults and sweep away the loose chippings.   It’s fair to say that the quality of workmanship at this location is less that satisfactory.

Flooding in Ternway


Readers will recall that in September the Arrowebrook burst it banks causing flooding in homes in Ternway, Town Meadow Lane, Wastdale Drive and other properties in Moreton.

So severe was the flooding that over 100 people had to evacuate their homes and many of those people are still in temporary accommodation while their homes are being repaired, however they are now close to returning to their homes and hopefully before Christmas.

However as can be seen from the picture above taken yesterday flooding is still occurring in Ternway to the footway following what can only be described as normal rainfall.    This is not a new problem and the Council has been asked repeatedly over the years to improve the drainage at this location, sadly up to now they have failed to take any action.

I would have hoped, given the scale of the flooding in Moreton, which is described by the Council as a Significant Flooding Event, that action would have been taken!

I have contacted the Council Officers responsible for actioning this matter and told them in no uncertain terms that this problem has to be resolved by whatever means so that people can simply can I and out of their homes without having to don Wellington boots.

Seems we can explore space sending devices to the far edges of the universe, but sadly this Council can’t provide adequate drainage on the adopted highway, no wonder people have no faith in WIrral Council….



Maryland Lane Footway – Update

Readers will be aware of the work I have been undertaking to ensure the footway that fronts the sheltered bungalows in Maryland Lane is repaired/replaced to ensure its safe for residents to walk on.

The footway was damaged by tree roots coming through, so about four months ago I had three trees cut down and the rest cut back to ensure they could be properly managed.    Once the roots had died back the Council said they would resurface the damaged area.    I am delighted to see that work is now underway with a section of new footway being laid.    Local residents have told me that they are delighted with the outcome.


Maryland Lane – Footway

During the summer, I called on homes in Maryland Lane.  Together with my colleagues, Bruce Berry and Steve Williams, we spoke with many residents about issues in our community.

The top issue here was the poor condition of the pavements to the front of the sheltered housing (or the ‘footway’ as the Town Hall calls it).

I contacted the Town Hall and asked for action to tackle this problem. As a result, some of the trees were identified as causing the damage through root growth, two were felled and the remainder cut back.

The Town Hall has advised me that it takes around six to nine months for the root growth to cease and that, in the meantime, they will fill the holes or level the pavement in those places that are a danger to residents.

The total cost for the replacement of the pavement damaged by tree root growth is around £10,000 and I have asked for this to be included in the next annual maintenance programme – which starts in April.

I have again spoken with the Council and I have reproduced their response below:

From: “Jones, Chris M. (Streetscene Manager)” 
Date: 27 October 2015 10:26:27 GMT
To: “Blakeley, Chris (Councillor)” <>
Cc: “Mallon, Julie  Nelson, Peter D.
Subject: Condition of footway Maryland lane Moreton CRM 972728

Dear Councillor Blakeley

Thank you for your enquiry regarding this area. I can confirm that an estimate is being prepared to reconstruct a section of this road in a flexible construction following the removal of the trees and roots. This work is however dependant on resources and in the meantime our inspector will monitor its condition and act when deemed necessary.


Chris M Jones

Streetscene Team Leader, Regeneration & Environment Directorate, Wirral Council

Thank you, again, to all those residents who raised this issue with us during the summer, please be assured I will keep everyone informed of progress on this matter.

Maryland Lane 22 October 2015

Saughall Road – Road Closure Monday 16th May


In order to allow BT OPENREACH to undertake URGENT CABLE REPAIRS along a short section of Saughall Road it will be necessary to implement the following temporary road closure. Details are as follows:

DURATION:- From 09:30am until 15:30pm Monday 16 May 2011   (**Please note the temporary road closure will be removed at the earliest opportunity)


Extent of Closure:-
From its junction with West Kirby Road to its junction with Saughall Massie Road

Alternative route for closure is:-
Traffic to be diverted via Saughall Massie Road, West Kirby Road and vice versa (access for residents affected will be maintained at all times)

Several measures will be undertaken to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum including the following:

1. Details of the works will be issued to traffic link (local radio stations) which includes a description of the works, the proposed diversion route, duration of the works and contact details including an out of hours number.

2. Advanced information boards have been erected to pre-warn road users of the proposed works.

3. Consultation has been carried out with Merseytravel and Merseyside Police.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and we will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me.


Carl Amos
Principal Assistant Engineer

Wirral Council
Network Traffic Management
Technical Services Department
Cheshire Lines Building
Canning Street
CH41 1ND

Tel: 0151 606 2370

Out and About

This morning I met up with Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Denis Knowles, Leah Fraser, and Karen (Steves wife, who was behind the lens) to deliver a letter across the Millhouse Estate informing people of the outcome of the public meeting and what action the Council’s Highways Engineers would be taking to try to slow traffic and improve road safety in the area.      The weather was lovely, and with five of us it only took us just over an hour to deliver 700 letters.    Thanks to Denis and Leah for coming over to help the Moreton Team.