2011 Census

Like millions of others my 2011 Census form dropped through my letterbox on Thursday.   The form looked quite daunting and I thought I may neeed to put an hour or so to one side to complete it.    Then I saw i could do it online, the form had my very own unique registration code.    So this morning I logged in and 10 minutes later the job was done, it really was a simple task online and I would recommend people do it this way rather than struggling with the paper copy!

Fuel Duty Increases for the Third Time in Nine Months

Tonight, at midnight the Government is increasing fuel duty by 2.3p, the third increase in nine months.   Any tax increase on fuel is tough to stomach, but this increase  comes at a time when most of us are struggling to get by.       This shows just how out of touch Gordon Brown is with the people of Britain.   At least Dick Turpin had the courtesy of wearing a mask……     You can read more on the increase here.     TIME FOR CHANGE’