Linear Park, Update!

Me with Leah Fraser, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Steve Williams and disappointed children

Last night I attended the Brooke Residents Association meeting at Moreton Community Centre, Maryland Lane.     The Brooke has incorporated the Friends of Linear Park Group into its organisation and is working alongside the Friends group and local Councillors to bring about the refurbishment of the childrens play area.       This is something that Me, and my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney, Leah Fraser and more recently Cllr Steve Williams have been working on since the Council decomissioned the play area in Summer last year.

Having first being told there was no funding, we are delighted that the Council has finally listened, and has identified £81,000 to refurbish the play area, and in addition they are enhancing the grassed area adjacent to the play area.     You can see the plans for the refurbishment by clicking HERE.      The work on the play area is due to start on the 15th March, and is expected to take about five weeks.    Once complete, we hope that it is maintained to a good standard, and is not abused.