Many residents have contacted me, Councillor Steve Williams and Councillor Simon Mountney over the last couple of years to ask why there are no Council allotments sites in Moreton.  There are currently more than 1,500 on the Council waiting list for a plot and many of those people live in our community. 

I have held several meetings recently to find out what can be done.     Until recently, the problem has been a lack of suitable land.    Also, this year, the Conservative Council Budget included £50,000 to help local groups set up allotments.

Recently I have been contacted by residents who are concerned about the state of the waste land that was left when the ‘OldBlueSchool’ part ofLinghamPrimary Schoolwas demolished.  I have just arranged for this area of land, on the corner ofTown Meadow Lane and Edgehill Road to be cut back and tidied up.    Since then, it has been suggested to me that this land could be used for allotments.   

Before I do anything, I would like to know your views.  Email me at or comment on this article…