Fly Tipping Again


Over the last week we have found another two instances of fly tipping.

Some moron(s) have dumped bags of garden waste on the grass verge in Millhouse Lane, and others have dumped old fencing in Carr Lane, Moreton

Me, Bruce and Steve have asked the Council to remove the dumped waste from these areas and also to consider the introduction of CCTV, particularly in Carr Lane, which appears to have become a magnet for fly tippers who simply have no concern for our environment



Speaking up for our Community


Readers will be aware of my recent post on fly tipping and the Councils response.   You can read more on that HERE 

I am delighted that having challenged the Councils unacceptable initial response the area has today been cleansed as can be seen by the before and after photograph.   It’s always a pleasure to speak up for the communities I am elected to represent

Perhaps Dante would like to comment, perhaps even using his or hers real name?


Fly tipping – Labour Council response.

imageLast week I reported some fly tipping and littering on a small piece of fenced off grass area in Lingham Lane and asked for it to be cleaned up ASAP.    The response I got from the Council absolutely astounded me saying it would be collected next time the road was due it’s 12 weekly clean and that’s not due for another 4 weeks.    I have appended the Council response below.

Dear Councillor Chris Blakeley,

Thank you for your report to Wirral Council.

Date of report: 12/04/2016

Street and Town: Lingham Lane; Moreton Ward: Moreton West And Saughall Massie

Reference number: 1010328

Details: grassed area in Lingham Lane, close to its junction with Harvest Lane that is subjected to fly tipping

The street cleansing inspector has visited to inspect and reports that this area will be cleared as per the scheduled cleanse.


Carol Decker

While it may seem a small amount of debris it is located in a densely populated area and people who live there should not have to put up with this.   The Councils response is totally unacceptable and I have now escalated this matter to a Stategic Director asking that this is actioned in the next few days, not in a months time.

Fly Tippers return

Over the last week or so fly tippers have been busy dumping their unwanted rubbish in Carr Lane, Moreton.image

There are three instances, old carpet in one location, garden waste/turf in another and close by to that there are bags, debris and an old gas bottle.image

Why people simply can’t take their unwanted items to one of the recycling centres is beyond me, instead they would rather pollute our environment.

I have asked the Council to clear it ASAP, and consider installing CCTV at this location.





Out and About in Moreton and Saughall Massie

This morning I gave been out and about in the Ward chatting to people as well as visiting spots that suffer repeated instances of Fly Tipping, Carr Lane and the Tarran Way estate.

Sadly it appears the thoughtless morons have been out again dumpin their unwanted rubbish, causing damage to the environment as well as costing the Council taxpayer money to get the Council to remove it

I sincerely hope the Council catches these thoughtless people and prosecute them, perhaps some hefty well publicised fines will send a message to those out there who think it’s alright to do this!

image  image

Fly Tipping Carr Lane, Moreton

Fly Tipping Carr LaneEarlier today I received a report of Fly Tipping in Carr Lane, Moreton.   Two lots of household waste dumped one in the road and the other in a cutting to the side of the road.    I had only just reported this when another email came in reporting what appeared to waste from a cannabis farm, old plants, plant pots etc again in Carr Lane.

I requested an urgent response before any interest was shown, particularly by children and the Council responded immediately clearing both the Cannabis waste and the household waste in the road.   The other pile of fly tipped household waste will be removed tomorrow.

The household waste has lots of evidence of where it has come from, name and address and hopefully from that evidence the Council will discover who this (these) moron(s) who pollute our area are and prosecute them using the full weight of the law to send a strong message.

Thanks to the residents who reported these instances and thanks also to the Council for their rapid response.