The Weeks Round Up

Last week was another busy one working in Esther McVey’s Office.   I was also interviewed by a final year student on why the youth of today does not get involved in politics – tough questions, hope Kirsty was happy with the answers.    
National Youth Theatre Cast

Wednesday it was off to London with Andy and Clare to watch the premiere of Esther’s bookazine ‘If Chloe Can’ which had been turned into a stage play performed by the National Youth Theatre at the Lyric in Shaftsbury Avenue.   A total triumph by the young actresses and the female contributors, Jo Salter, Julie Greenhalgh, Lucinda Ellery, Claire Young, Debbie Moore and others.    After the show it was off the The Groucho Club in Soho for a reception.    Andy and Clare travelled back that night, I stayed over in order to  show Leanne, Esther’s new Parliamentary Assistant some of the systems and databases we utilise in both the Parliamentary and constituency offices.       Friday was catch up day in the office, and the weekend has been spent catching up with Council casework and delivering the latest Newsline.      Whats that they say, ‘No peace for the wicked?’

The Weeks Round Up!

A full week in work with loads going on, updates on the latest telephone mast application (word is Planning Officers will be recommending approval).  Lots of case work this week, from neighbour disputes to a rat infestation problem.   Thursday a very busy day.   Started with attendance at former Merseytravel Colleague, Bob Roberts funeral out in Thornton.  A different experience to the normal funeral service and typical of Bob.  RIP.  Then it was on to a full Merseytravel Authority meeting, followed by a briefing and Q&A session on Merseytravels new Customer Forums.    Friday another busy day, and then out today this morning with Esther McVey MP at the Hoylake Local Food Fair.   After lunch out, the afternoon was spent catching up with casework, Newslines, Letters etc…….    And it all starts again tomorrow!

‘A Grand Day Out’

With Esther, cast and contributors outside No 10

Me on the way in!!Yesterday I was delighted to attend a reception hosted by the Prime Minister at number 10 Downing Street, there was a short delay to our plans with the Prime Minister made a statement to the press about the situation in Libya and the death of Colonel Gadaffi.   The reception was in recognition of Esther McVey’s book ‘If Chloe Can’ an Inspirational book aimed at school girls between the ages of 13 and 16, which she has distributed free to over 5,000 school girls across Merseyside.   Now the book has been turned into a stage play by the National Youth Theatre with its London Premiere on 2nd November at the Lyric Theatre in London, before it goes on tour around the country.    

Esther said, “I am absolutely thrilled that ‘If Chloe Can’, which portrays a wide variety of female ‘firsts’ who have overcome difficulties and hardships to become some of the most powerful and influential women in the world is to become a stage play.   Their talents and expertise range from science to finance, law to politics, fashion and arts.   In total, 50 world class women, and inspirational role models have taken part in the book including Myleene Klass, Vanessa May, Jo Salter (first female UK fighter pilot), Duffy, Eileen Collins (first woman to command a space shuttle), Christina Lamb (War Correspondent)  It’s great to have this work recognised by the Prime Minister, and hopefully the play, like the book will inspire young girls and show them that it is worth striving to be the best you can be in whatever they choose to do.”

I was delighted that the Prime Minister, despite the calls on his diary was able to spend 20 minutes chatting to everyone involved, a really succesful day.     As well as the couple of pics I have posted on this article you can see more by clicking HERE  

Looking for a Job, an Apprenticeship, or Want some Career Advice?

This Friday, 8th July, between 2pm and 5pm at West Kirby Concourse Wirral West MP Esther McVey has organised a ‘Youth Summit’.    All the local Universities are coming as well as the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Manufacturing and The Chemical Industry Association, to name but a few to talk about sponsorships.

Young Enterprise to give details about setting up in business and BBC 1’s Emma Harrison, and founder of A4E, to explain what employers are looking for, as well as representatives from the BBC, INEOS and Merseytravel  to discuss their apprenticeship schemes.

Alternatively, if you want learn about the world, Worldwide Volunteering will be there, a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to make it easier for people of all ages to volunteer so boosting self-confidence and communication skills which many have felt have considerably enhanced their employment opportunities when they return.

This promises to be a great event.     For more information, and there is a lot more,  call 0151 632 4348

Good News!

Readers of the blog will be aware that local residents joined together to buy Upton Woods (for £28,500) where it backs onto the Overton Community Centre.   

I, and the MP for Wirral West, Esther McVey  and Conservative Councillor, Tom Anderson have been in close contact with Jean who has been heading up the fundraising to buy this land and what a great job she has done.    However whilst the group has raised around £16,00o it has to raise the balance within the next three weeks to complete the purchase.     

I am therefore delighted to fully support and agree in my role as Cabinet Member for Housing the allocation of £12,500 from the Community Fund, which is administered by Wirral Council and Wirral Partnership homes.    As long as all the criteria is met, then the money should be released in time to complete the purchase.    In addition to this the Council has agreeed to do all the legal work around the purchase free of charge.      A good result all round!

A Day to Remember!

I have just returned from a couple of days in London.  I went down yesterday to attend a Westminster Briefing on Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour on Public Transport which was held today in the Commonwealth Club.      I  travelled down yesterday and met up at the House of Commons with Wirral West MP, Esther McVey.    Talk about fate and being in the right place at the right time, well I certainly was.    Started off by meeting Adam Boulton, Sky News Political Reporter, that was followed by meeting Gary Lineker and his wife Danielle who were at Commons for the ‘One Goal’ campaign, hey I a am thinking to myself just how lucky am I, but then yesterday evening the icing on the cake, I got to go to St Stephens Club in Queen Annes Gate, to meet and chat with Baroness Margaret Thatcher, you just could not script it, absolutely marvellous and set me up for the briefing today, which sadly, while very informative, was not very well attended.     You just don’t know what each day will bring.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

I was delighted to read on the Wirral Globe Website that Wirral West Conservative Member of Parliament, Esther McVey, a strong advocate and supporter of apprenticeship schemes is to launch her own.     During a debate in Parliament, she said, “It’s vitally important that we keep investing in our young people and lead by example,” and called on all Members of Parliament to make a difference.   “If every Member of Parliament were to employ apprentices it could result in around 1,000 jobs.”

Ms McVey said, “In Wirral we have a great apprentice scheme, and, while it is doing well, it is seriously over-subscribed.    Last year, more than 1,000 young people submitted 3,117 applications to the fewer than 150 businesses involved in the scheme.   To move forward, we need to build on what we have done well, and there is something that each and every one of us in Parliament can do.  It’s good to talk about apprenticeships, but surely it is better to turn our words into action, and to that end I am going to employ a modern apprentice to work and train in my constituency office, alongside my established Office Manager and Caseworker.”

Wirral has some of the worst unemployment rates for 16-24 year olds in the North West, ranked 7th worst out of 39 Local Authorities.  16.8% of young people aged 16 to 19 in Wirral are neither in education, training or work.    It is proven that the longer young people spend away from education or employment, the more likely they are to continue on this path. It is vital that the Government put every effort into getting young people into work or training as soon as possible after leaving the compulsory education system. 

“Young people are key to building and sustaining our future economy.    It is their innovation and skills; training and expertise; education and knowhow; that will shape the United Kingdom of the future, it is vital that we invest in them.    We should be ashamed of the fact that the UK has some of the highest levels of youth unemployment in Europe, and be very worried that this number is still growing,” added Ms McVey 

For more information on this fantastic opportunity contact The Office of Esther McVey MP, The Parade, Hoylake Community Centre, 31 Hoyle Road, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 3AG.    Telephone: 0151 632 4348 or email Chris by clicking HERE