Fly tipping – Labour Council response.

imageLast week I reported some fly tipping and littering on a small piece of fenced off grass area in Lingham Lane and asked for it to be cleaned up ASAP.    The response I got from the Council absolutely astounded me saying it would be collected next time the road was due it’s 12 weekly clean and that’s not due for another 4 weeks.    I have appended the Council response below.

Dear Councillor Chris Blakeley,

Thank you for your report to Wirral Council.

Date of report: 12/04/2016

Street and Town: Lingham Lane; Moreton Ward: Moreton West And Saughall Massie

Reference number: 1010328

Details: grassed area in Lingham Lane, close to its junction with Harvest Lane that is subjected to fly tipping

The street cleansing inspector has visited to inspect and reports that this area will be cleared as per the scheduled cleanse.


Carol Decker

While it may seem a small amount of debris it is located in a densely populated area and people who live there should not have to put up with this.   The Councils response is totally unacceptable and I have now escalated this matter to a Stategic Director asking that this is actioned in the next few days, not in a months time.

Fly Tipping… AGAIN!

It seems the Council are powerless to stop the miscreants who continually fly tip in Tarran Way and Lingham Lane.

I travelled down there today having been tipped off that after the last Council clean up the wasters had been back tipping builders rubbish, household waste and garden waste.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have had to get the Council to clean up after the yobs have dumped waste and I will have to get them on the case again on Monday.    While they can continue to clean up theyreally need to come up with a long term solution to this otherwise it will just continue. 

If anyone sees people fly tipping try to get the number of their vehicle, that will give the Council a chance to investigate and hopefully bring about a successful prosecution.

A Celebration of the life of Suzanne Moseley

SDM 05th Oct 2009This afternoon, along with hundreds of others I attended the ‘Humanist’ funeral service of my former colleague, Cllr Suzanne Moseley.   Suzanne was sadly and tragically taken from us at the tender age of 47.

The service was a full celebration of her life, with tributes from her brother David, her work colleagues at HBOS by her Manager Angela, and personal tributes from her friends, Della and Jane.  The service was indispersed with some of Suzanne’s favourite music, and the service whilst a celebration of her life was also an opportunity for us all to reflect on her achievements, and her friendship.

I for one will miss Suzanne, whilst we never always agreed on everything, we never ever fell out, we simply agreed to disagree.   God bless Suzanne, RIP.

MORE Fly Tipping!

Web Fly Tipping Carr Lane 27 Sept 09

This morning I was alerted by a moreton resident of another instance of fly tipping in Moreton, this time in Carr Lane (Thanks Jo).    OK I know that the rest of the borough suffers with fly tipping from time to time, but here in Moreton, we seem to suffer more than anywhere else!   Or is that just my perception?

Fly-tipping is an ongoing problem throughout Wirral, costing the local authority hundreds of thousands of pounds of Council Taxpayers money every year to clean-up.    Illegally dumped waste is not only an eyesore, but it can damage land, watercourses and be harmful to the environment and the public who come into contact with it.      Fly tippers blight the environment and are the scourge of our communities.    We need to catch the culprits and make sure that we prosecute companies, and individuals who commit fly tipping offences until the message that we will not tolerate this envirocrime in Wirral is firmly understood.

NO to Landfill in Wirral

L to R: Cllr Chris Blakeley, Andrew Gilbert and Glyn Mon Hughes, pictured at the site
L to R: Cllr Chris Blakeley, Andrew Gilbert and Glyn Mon Hughes, pictured at the site

Yesterday I met up with Andrew Gilbert, Prospective Conservative MP for Birkenhead and Glynn Mon Hughes, Prenton resident ad former Parliamentary candidate for Birkenhead.   I met them at the Prenton Quarry Site, to lend my support in their campaign to to stop the crazy suggestion by MEAS, that this site, like the one at the North Wirral Brickworks in Carr Lane, Moreton is suitable for future landfill.  You can read more of that here .     Both the residents of Moreton and Prenton are waiting with some hope that when MEAS publish their preferred options report that both of the Wirral Sites have been removed for good from their crazy plans.

More Waste For Moreton?

Site viewed from Pasture Road
Site viewed from Pasture Road

A couple of months ago, following complaints from local residents I alerted the Council’s Planning Enforcement Team to a vehicle scrap yard that appeared on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate (Clearly visible from Pasture Road).      I have been now been told that a valid retrospective planning application has been submitted, not just for the storage of scrap vehicles but for a change of  use to a depollution facility!   Application number 20095666

So what does depollution mean?   I have asked for further information, but it appears that all the fluids are removed from the vehicle, tyres etc and any other parts that need to be disposed of in a controlled manner, that just leaves the shell of the vehicle which I assume will be shredded with the resultant metal sold off.    

Stacked Tyre removed from the vehicles
Stacked Tyres removed from the vehicles

I have asked that the application be taken out of delegated authority which means that the decision to approve or refuse the application will be made by Wirral’s Planning Committee in a public hearing, not an Officer behind closed doors.   If you want to object to this application you can do so by sending an email to the planning officer dealing with the application.  To do that click here

The view from Sunnyside
The view from Sunnyside


untitledFollowing my complaint to the Council about yet more fly tipping in Lingham Lane/Tarran Way I am pleased to report that the Council’s Enforcement Officers have identified the house where the rubbish came from and who has most likely tipped it there.    I am told people will be interviewed.  I have made it plain I want these thoughtless miscreants prosecuted, that is the only way people like this will be stopped.   Will the Council prosecute?  I sincerely hope so.