Diamond Farm – More Green Belt Under Threat

diamond-farm-2A planning application has been submitted for a residential development and conversion of existing barns on green belt land at Diamond Farm, Saughall Road, Saughall Massie Village CH46 5ND (App/16/01334).   You can view the plans by clicking HERE

We understand that the existing barns are to be diamond-farm-1converted to 6 dwellings with a further 10 new homes being built within the curtilage of the existing farm buildings, a total of 16 new homes, while retaining the existing farm house.

If you wish to object to this application you can do so online at: http://bit.ly/2fLv0zQ or by emailing the Planning Department: planningapplications@wirral.gov.uk or by writing to them at Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED.  Ensure you quote the application number in any correspondence.  All representations must be submitted by 31st December, 2016.

UPDATE 17th February 2017.   Application refused.   You can read the decision notice by clicking  HERE



Save Diamond Farm Update

I reported earlier this week on the planning application to redevelop the green belt site at Diamond Farm in Saughall Massie Village (app/16/01334) The plans, while submitted are at the moment not on the Council website, but will be in the next week or so.

Since then an online petition was set up by my colleague, Cllr Bruce Berry, as well as a Save Diamond Farm Facebook page and a twitter account.

The petition has gathered almost 1200 signatures in just 4 days, but we desperately need more signatures so your support would be very much welcomed.   You can read HERE some of the comments people have made when signing the petition.

Please sign the online petition by clicking HERE

Log onto the the dedicated Facebook Page HERE click LIKE to show your support

And follow the twitter account @SaveDiamondFarm

Sign the Petition to Save OUR Green Belt

My colleague Cllr Bruce Berry has asked me to post this on his behalf.

Vyner Estates have submitted a planning application to build 16 new homes on the site of the farm buildings at Diamond Farm, Saughall Road, Saughall Massie village. This is a further attack on green belt in Saughall Massie, as well as being in a conservation area.

If this development is allowed it will change the very nature of Saughall Massie Village, and open the door to other developers wanting to build on our precious green and open spaces.

Please use the link to sign this petition of opposition and help save our green belt and our conservation areas: http://chn.ge/2dUbrXX

Thank you

Councillor Bruce Berry


Another Planning Application on Green Belt Land

diamond-farm-2A planning application has been submitted for a residential development on green-belt land in the Saughall Massie Conservation area at Diamond Farm on Saughall Road.

In fact it’s two applications linked together, one is to allow the listed buildings to be altered (LBC/16/01335), and and the other to allow for 6 units from the conversion of the listed buildings and a further 10 new housing units on the rest of the site and keeping the existing farmhouse.  (App/16/01334).   So effectively, while there are two applications, if the application number 16/01334 is refused, even if application 16/01335 is approved the development cannot go ahead.

diamond-farm-1As of today the planning applications have not been validated as the planning officer dealing with the case has requested further information from the applicant.

As soon as more information is available, myself and my colleagues, Cllr Bruce Berry and Cllr Steve Williams will let the immediate and wider communities know.

Green Belt in Saughall Massie – Update

Further to my post earlier today I have heard this evening that the surveyors have said they are surveying the farm buildings with a view to building 16 houses/ flats through converting the existing buildings or building on the yard spaces.

Sounds as though there will be a pre app or full app at some point soon. Apparently they are staying off the fields.  Could this be a manoeuvre to sidestep Greenbelt policy?

I have asked the Council for an update on the designation of the land the farm buildings are on.    More news will be posted as it becomes available.

29th October – Information from Wirral Council regarding Planning Policies:

The site is located within the Green Belt and Saughall Massie
Conservation Area. Therefore, the following UDP policies will apply

CH1 Development Affecting Listed Buildings and Structures
CH2 Development Affecting a Conservation Area
CH17 Saughall Massie Conservation Area
GB2 Guidelines for development in the Green Belt (very special
circumstances would need to be demonstrated as the housing development
would be classed as “inappropriate” in policy terms)

The emerging Core Strategy (CS2, CS3 and CS11) in summary advises that
the focus in rural areas will be on strengthening and diversifying the
agricultural economy and maintains the definition of inappropriate
development as stated in National Planning Policy unless there are “very
special circumstances”.

The above is a summary of the position (reference to the policies will
give you much more detail)



David Ball
Head of Regeneration and Planning
Regeneration and Environment
Wirral Council


Is More Green Belt Land Under Threat?

Recently there has been lots of activity on the Green Belt land that is home to Diamond Farm in Saughall Massie.

Surveyors have been present on site for quite a few days, however when asked what they are doing they are remaining tight lipped.   The fields bounds Acton Lane with Meadowbrook Road and is quite some size.

It could of course be perfectly normal with the land owner, which I understand is Vyner Estates just having the land revalued, in order the renegotiate the lease with the farmer, however it could be that Vyner are thinking of selling the land to a developer, who knows?

Many years ago I understand that Redrow showed an interest in the land and I believe they lodged a document with the Land Registry which effectively give them first refusal should the land be offered for sale.  I am unsure whether that document is time limited or whether it remains on file permanently.

We will be keeping a very close eye on this matter, which appears on the back of the Fire Service wanting a chunk of Green Belt to house their new Fire Station.    If we are not careful we will lose some of our Green Belt that provides buffer zones between towns and villages.