‘A Grand Day Out’

With Esther, cast and contributors outside No 10

Me on the way in!!Yesterday I was delighted to attend a reception hosted by the Prime Minister at number 10 Downing Street, there was a short delay to our plans with the Prime Minister made a statement to the press about the situation in Libya and the death of Colonel Gadaffi.   The reception was in recognition of Esther McVey’s book ‘If Chloe Can’ an Inspirational book aimed at school girls between the ages of 13 and 16, which she has distributed free to over 5,000 school girls across Merseyside.   Now the book has been turned into a stage play by the National Youth Theatre with its London Premiere on 2nd November at the Lyric Theatre in London, before it goes on tour around the country.    

Esther said, “I am absolutely thrilled that ‘If Chloe Can’, which portrays a wide variety of female ‘firsts’ who have overcome difficulties and hardships to become some of the most powerful and influential women in the world is to become a stage play.   Their talents and expertise range from science to finance, law to politics, fashion and arts.   In total, 50 world class women, and inspirational role models have taken part in the book including Myleene Klass, Vanessa May, Jo Salter (first female UK fighter pilot), Duffy, Eileen Collins (first woman to command a space shuttle), Christina Lamb (War Correspondent)  It’s great to have this work recognised by the Prime Minister, and hopefully the play, like the book will inspire young girls and show them that it is worth striving to be the best you can be in whatever they choose to do.”

I was delighted that the Prime Minister, despite the calls on his diary was able to spend 20 minutes chatting to everyone involved, a really succesful day.     As well as the couple of pics I have posted on this article you can see more by clicking HERE  

It’s Monday, Yes Adrian, Denis and John that means it’s Seacombe , Again

Tonight i was out with the Action Team knocking on doors in Wheatland Lane and Roads off in Seacombe.   Even though the team was little smaller tonight because quite a few are in Birmingham at the Party Conference the results were just as good.    People are recognising that New Labour has done nothing for them either locally, or nationally and they are planning for change.  They see the Conservatives as the party of the people, the only party that can deliver that change.    It’s clear that Labours day has been, and gone!  Time to move over Gordon and Angela, make way for David and Leah!.   Ooops, nearly forgot, and you Adrian.

Party Conference

Today see the start of the Conservative Party Conference, this year being held at the ICC in Birmingham.  Sadly because of many commitments locally, which includes co-ordinating our door knocking seesions, I will not be attending, however there is a strong contingent from Wallasey who will be in Birmingham, including Leah Fraser our challenger to (the newly wed) Angela Eagle at the next General Election.   It promises to be a good week

David Cameron Direct

The public meeting with David Cameron in Wallasey takes tomorrow, Thursday 14th August.   It was thought that approximately 200 people would like to attend;  in fact, there have been over 450 applications.  Confirmation for those who have been allocated a seat have been sent today.    Sadly some people including sitting Conservative Councillors missed out on the ballot for places, hey thats life.

If you are one of the unlucky people, like me, who has not be allocated a seat for tomorrows event, don’t worry – because you can still get involved:   The event is being broadcast on www.selfcast.com/conservatives – so tune in from 6.00pm to watch it live.    If you’d like to ask David Cameron a question, simply email wirral@northwestconservatives.com and David will reply as soon as he can.

If you’d like to get more involved with David Cameron and the Conservative Party, there are a number of ways to do so:  Go to www.conservatives.com/join and join us as a Friend, a Member, or make a donation.