Wirral Lib Dems – We’re Proud of What We Have Achieved – But Don’t Want to Continue

How confusing is that for a message.  Last night Wirral’s Lib Dems issued a press statement which said just that.    You can read their statement by clicking HERE    Sadly (and many willl say stupidly) having praised the work of the administration they want to give it all away, abbrogate their responsibility to their last few remaining supporters, and ‘Facilitate a Labour Administration’ in Wirral.    The only losers in all of this are the people of Wirral

Clearly they have forgotton what happened when Labour last controlled Wirral, loss of Lollipop ladies, threats to our Libraries, Leisure Centres and swimming pools, all of these things are now again very real threats.     The Lib Dem Leader says his small group will judge Labour on each decision, clearly he fails to understand that the Cabinet is all powerful and he and his group will have no say in the decision making process.     

Three years with Labour, one year with the Conservatives, now going it alone, is it any wonder no one is voting Lib Dem?

A Great Night for Wirral

Last night, in my capacity as Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Safety I attended Wirral Cabinets Budget Meeting.    As well as saving over £50 million since taking over the administration in conjunction with the Liberal Democrats in May 2010, last night the Cabinet announced that there would be no increase in Council Tax as well as making huge investments in services, to all areas of the Council.

Clearly I was delighted that £290,000 has been put into the budget to protect Wirral’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team, a team that delivers tremendous services and is proactive in dealing with the miscreants who unchecked can make life hell for residents of Wirral, I was also pleased that monitoring of day time CCTV is to be reintroduced at a cost of £50,000.  When the previous Labour-Led administration scrapped this it was me who led the opposition, its been three or four years but its back.   £500,000 has been put into dealing with domestic violence, as well as money for Trading Standards to continue its work in dealing with under age sales of alcohol, as well as further investment in the dog fouling team.

Money has also been invested in Childrens Services, Adult Social Services, Sure Start, provision of free parking, play area cleanups, local businesses, jobs and apprenticeships etc.     Well done to everyone who played their part in putting this together, it truly was a budget that the residents told us they wanted in their response to the massive ‘Your Wirral’ consultation.     Wirral is leading the way!

Summary Care Records – No Thanks!

This morning I received a letter from the NHS telling me about the scheme to capture patients data on something known as a Summary Care Record.   When this was first muted I said people should be given the option to opt in, however all that we have been given is the option to opt out, and that has been made as difficult as possible.   There is no opt out form in the details being sent to patients, no you have to fill out a form and return it asking for the NHS to send you an opt out form.   They know that thousands, perhaps millions of people will miss this and therefore their records will be captured, what a nasty devious way of dealing with patients, yes its legal, but I believe is immoral!       I have requested my opt out form, because this is just the start of personal records being put in the hands of people who can’t be trusted, who have demonstrated so many times how careless they are with the protection of data.      If you want to opt out, remember to ask for your opt out form, alternatively you can access one by clicking HERE. 

A Missed Opportunity!

I was disappointed that at last night’s Council meeting, New Labour and Lib Dems, who are so wrapped up in themselves, failed to see the merits of our budget amendment and as a result Counci tax will increase yet again under this administration.

Our amendment to their budget included:

  • Help for the Allandale Centre (£20,000)
  • Supporting businesses faced with increased rates bills (£250,000)
  • Ending the double charging for waste collection in flats (£70,000)
  • Reintroducing school crossing patrols (£30,000)
  • Action on anti social behaviour in parks (£150,000)

Our Budget was sustainable and deliverable, and would have enhanced the lives of the people who live and work in Wirral.   Sadly the back slapping, self congratulatory ruling administration have missed yet another glorious opportunity to do what is right for the very people who put them in office.    Roll on May 6th, when hopefully the people of Wirral will boot out this lot.

Note To Wirral Council! Support Local Businesses

My colleague, and Prospective MP for Wallasey and Moreton, Leah Fraser has written a great posting on Wirral Council’s Cabinet support of Peel Holdings Wirral Waters scheme,  apparently at the expense of local shopping areas, like Moreton and Liscard.   I agree entirely with her words. Wirral Council should be supporting small traders, not simply abandoning them in favour of Peel.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, Wirral will soon be rebranded as the Metropolitan Borough of Peel.    Read Leah’s full posting by clicking HERE   Read what the Daily Post think by clicking HERE

Enough is Enough!

Tonight at full Council,  Steve Foulkes and his cronies voted through new Governance arrangements for the Council, to come into effect in May next year.      I asked the Head of Law to explain to Council the Public Notice that appeared in the Wirral Globe last Wednesday, which to all intents and purposes pre-determined the Council’s decision.      When the Head of Law finished speaking, the Leader of the Council, in his outburst, which also betrayed a conversation he had with the Mayor, I believe crossed the line between banter and downright rudeness!     From Great Leader to Loss Leader – Standards, I think so!


At long last we have sight of the report by by Sue Charteris into the Labour plan to close our libraries.     Click HERE for a copy of the report.  

Having now read it, it is no surprise that Steve Foulkes and his cronies made such a humiliating U Turn on the closure programme.   The report basically damns their actions!   Among the key findings, is this: The Public Inquiry into Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council’s (MBC) Library Service has found the Council’s decision to restructure its Library Service to be in breach of its statutory duties under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 , to provide “comprehensive and efficient public Library Services for all persons desirous to make use thereof”.    TIME FOR CHANGE!