Latest Community Newsline

Over the last month through our team of volunteer activists we have been out delivering our latest Community Newsline to residents of Moreton and Saughall Massie.   If you have not had your copy yet contact me either by leaving a comment on the blog or email:


Your Neighbourhood, Your Issues, Your Views

As you may know from our regular newsletters and websites, I, along with Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney are helping residents on some of the issues in our local community.     Me, Steve and Simon think it’s really important that we work on all the issues that matter to our area

At the end of this post is a brief online survey to ask for your views on your neighbourhood and wider issues – such as tackling welfare abuse, supporting pensioners and helping children and families. 

Later this month, the Council’s budget will be voted on.    The new Conservative-led Council is also working hard to freeze your Council Tax this year.     Unlike some other councils, Wirral is reducing what is spent on administration while protecting spending on important services that we all rely on. 

As well as getting the Council’s finances in order, we must also help our local economy to recover from the country’s debt crisis.     We are expanding the apprenticeship programme and have appointed a ‘Jobs Commission’.      This will look at the ways in which the Council can support existing employers and new jobs. 

I hope you will spare a few minutes to tell us your views.  The Leader of the Council has also asked for your permission to see your reply – if you agree, simply tick the box at the start of the survey.     To take part in the survey simply click HERE

February Newsline Now Out

The February edition of the Moreton and Saughall Massie Newsline is now being distributed to 6,500 homes across the ward.     Our Newsline is paid for by donations from supporters and not by the taxpayer, and is distributed by a network of volunteers.

When I was first elected in 2,000 we had about 3 deliverers and every month me and my wife  Sandra would deliver around 4,000 copies, now we have a team of over 40 people who deliver for us, some take up to 200 Newslines others as few as 50, but everyone of them is precious to us and we thank them for their help.      But me, Steve and Simon still deliver about 600 each every month!   

This months edition has loads of content with input from me, Simon and Steve and a piece from the Leader of the Council, Cllr Jeff Green watch out for your copy dropping through your letterbox.

Christmas Dinner #1

Earlier today, along with Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney I attended the Christmas Lunch at Moreton Community Centre.    I have said it before, and I will say it again, It just would not be Christmas without this tremendous event.     Over 40 of us sat down to a starter of soup followed by turkey, beef, ham  and all the trimmings, then Christmas Pud, and topped off with mince pies, a really good time was had by all.   

This year the guest of honour was Tina, one of the volunteers who has helped for as long as I can remember, however, unfortunately, this year Tina has been poorly so has not been as active as she would like.   It was great to see her up and about and made a fuss of, and at the end of the meal she was presented with a huge bouquet of flowers.   You deserve it Tina, and I hope you continue to make a speedy and full recovery.       Our thanks  go to Mike Griffiths, Centre Chairman, Jan the centre employee, and ALL the volunteers for making not just today special, but who give their time freely to provide very competitively priced lunches, on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s all year round.    Thanks guys your efforts are much appreciated.   

Hot Food Takeaway #12

Last night at full Council my colleague Cllr Steve Williams presented a petition opposing the proposal to allow planning permission for a Hot Food Takeaway at the premises known as REMAX ESTATE, on Hoylake Road.      He pointed out that this is a rolling petition with further signatories to follow.    If you want to sign the petition it is being hosted by Lisa in the ‘Nutty Butty’ Cafe on Hoylake Road.    You have until the 26th of this month to add your signature.     The application will be determined by a meeting of Wirral’s Planning Committee on Tuesday 9th November at Wallasey Town Hall, commencing at 6pm.   The meeting is open to the public so if you have an interest in this matter why don’t you come along.

Out and About

This morning I met up with Cllr Steve Williams, Cllr Denis Knowles, Leah Fraser, and Karen (Steves wife, who was behind the lens) to deliver a letter across the Millhouse Estate informing people of the outcome of the public meeting and what action the Council’s Highways Engineers would be taking to try to slow traffic and improve road safety in the area.      The weather was lovely, and with five of us it only took us just over an hour to deliver 700 letters.    Thanks to Denis and Leah for coming over to help the Moreton Team.

Millhouse Lane Road Safety Update

Earlier this evening, along with colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney we attended the follow up public meeting to discuss road safety issues, and particularly speeding traffic in Millhouse Lane.

The meeting was arranged to hear the results of the Councils investigations following a meeting in May.     David Rees, the Council’s Group Leader for Road Safety explained to those present the results of the two traffic surveys, and the investigations surrounding the two accidents to the house in Tanworth Grove at the junction with Millhouse Lane.

It was interesting to note that whilst traffic movement in Millhouse Lane has increased by 4.5% since the last survey in 2003, traffic speeds have reduced from an average of 35mph to 32,6mph, with an overall reduction of traffic travelling above 30mph from 48% down to 23.7%,  a step in the right direction.   

In order to try to reduce traffic speed even further, and improve road safety the Council will be installing ‘Centre Line’ markings from the Millhouse Pub to Tanworth Grove, providing ‘Slow Signage’ on the carriageway and junction markings on some of the side roads.   You can see the plans by clicking HERE.    Engineers have also promised to review the situation in about 12 months.       Me, Steve and Simon will also look to provide a ‘Vehicle Activated Speed Device’ next year with funds from are Area Forum’s Integrated Transport Block.    

Our thanks go to all those residents who signed the petition, those who attended the two public meetings and those who wrote, emailed and telephoned us with their views.      This is a real example of a community coming together to deal with an issue that affects them all.