Another Day Another Summer Fair!

Me on my way for an Ice Cream

Earlier this afternoon along with my colleague, Cllr Ian Lewis I attended the Christchurch School Summer Fair.

The weather was glorious and the queue to get in stretched a long way down Upton Road, however once in there were all the usual stalls, coconut shy,  tombola, lucky dips, cakes stall, hot dogs, burgers (sadly no onions) and much more, with the star attraction once again being (no not me or Ian) it was the Go Karts!

Loads of people stopped to chat as we walked around, stopping for coffee and cake, then a hot dog, and a Mr Whippy with a flake (what diet?) .   Once again the unsung heroes of the succesful day are the parents, teachers and children, who all made this happen, without them working behind the scenes, then staffing the stalls days like this would simply not happen, so a huge thanks to all.   Next stop Lingham Primary School next Friday afternoon at 3:30pm….   See you there!


A Great Night on The Knocker (AKA, Bye Bye Ron)

This evening, along with 14 others I was out knocking on doors on the Leasowe estate. The reception was absolutely amazing, with many people telling us how pleased they were with what Ian Lewis and Steve Smith had done for them. One hardened Labour supporter, who I never thought would vote for us, said they would be voting for Steve, and, if he was ‘half as good as Ian, he would be a great Councillor… Praise indeed.

Spreading the Word!

L to R: Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Denis Knowles, Steve Smith, Cllr Ian Lewis. ME, Cllr Jeff Green, Leah Fraser, Cllr James Keeley, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Tony Pritchard (thanks to Marg for taking the pic)

Earlier today, in crisp, icy but dry weather I met up with Steve Smith, and Cllr Ian Lewis and others, including the Leader of the Council, Jeff Green to help distribute the latest issue of Newsline to the good people of Moreton and Leasowe.

We split up into pairs and spread ourselves far and wide across the ward to get the maximum spread, with me and Leah Fraser taking the long walk,  Hoylake Road, Burnely Road and roads off (Don’t worry Don we left ‘Red Rose’ out) finishing in Chapelhill Road.   It was a great couple of hours, lots of people chatting to us, all delighted with the Council’s consultation process, and the open and transparent way we are now doing business.

Crossbar – License Approved

This morning along with my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Ian Lewis I attended Wirral’s Licensing Panel meeting, which was considering the application made by Michael Howells for a license for the new bar, Crossbar on Upton Road.    

Ian and I raised concerns emanating from the previous licensing refusal and asked the Licensing Panel to restrict the hours to supply of alcohol until 10:30pm, closing to the public at 11pm each day.     However after hearing all the arguments for and against the Licensing Panel granted a licence which allows alcohol to be sold until 11pm each night closing to the public at 11:30pm.    

I welcome all businesses to Moreton, and I wish Mr Howells all the best in his quest to run the Crossbar and to make it an integral part of the community.   He has a big job to convince local residents that this is not a ‘Mini Plough’ as he described this morning.    Only time will tell!


Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton community will be aware that the original licensing application made by the Crossbar on Upton Road was refused at the end of July.         Following that refusal a second application was made.    The second application will be considered by Wirral’s Licensing Panel at Wallasey Town Hall on Thursday 30th September commencing at 9:30am.   The meeting is open to the public, so if you have made representations, have concerns about the application, or simply want to see how the system works this is your chance.

Wirral’s Future, Be Part of It!

Wirral Council is preparing for a huge consultation process that will help to shape the future of local services.      Me and my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney are very keen to make sure everyone in our community has their say.    

The  Council’s number one priority is to ensure that we communicate and involve the public on issues that really matter to them.    The Council is facing the same budgetary challenges as all other local authorities across the country and must adapt, and to that end we want Council taxpayers to be a part of this process by having a genuine say on how their money is spent so that we can make sure that Council services reflect their priorities.

Tesco’s at the Plough – APPROVED!

Earlier this evening, I attended the Planning Committee meeting that was considering the application by Tesco to build a new store on the site of the (now derelict) Plough pub at Moreton Cross.    Although the application is not in my ward, it is close enough to the border to have an affect on Moreton West.    I was their with my colleague Cllr Simon Mountney, and our colleague from Leasowe and Moreton East Ward, Cllr Ian Lewis  (The two Labour Councillors for Leasowe and Moreton East did not show up at all)

Around about 50 local residents and traders attended the committee, and It was by far the most contentious item on the agenda, and Me, Simon and Steve Williams have been contacted by many people on this issue.

Tonights meeting followed a site meeting yesterday which I requested, and despite the obvious traffic related concerns, a petition of almost 2,600 signatures, the opposition of ward Councillors and residents and traders the committee approved the application by a vote of 8 for and 4 against.

There are already two Tesco stores at either end of the Town and their massive purchasing and marketing power will dwarf anything local traders can offer.     I also discovered from my colleague Ian that I feature (in a small way) in a book called Tescopoly which he had bought at the weekend. Tescopoly has a website here.

Ian and I adressed the Committee and supported the concerns of the community.    Sadly, while Councillors Paul Hayes, Phil Gilchrist, Stuart Kelly and Denise Realey all voted against the application, they were outvoted by the rest of the Committee.    The report they were given can be found here.