Wirral Labour Council slammed by Ofsted for its failure to look after Children.

In a damning, and in places chilling report, Ofsted have rated Wirral Borough Council as INADEQUATE.   The full Ofsted report can be read by clicking HERE

Its clear from this that the Labour Group on Wirral, who have publicly stated that they are RULING this Council have been sleeping on the job, and it really is time that the Leader of the Council and his Cabinet resigned.   They have failed the most vulnerable children in our care.

You only have to look at Lyndale School and Girtrell Court to witness how callous and thoughtless this lot is.

Read what the Wirral Globe says HERE


Play Area for Saughall Massie? Take Part in the Survey

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that a couple of residents had asked about having a children’s play area provided somewhere in Saughall Massie.   I have received more comments from residents since then.  Several mums and dads have said they would like to see a new play area provided.   As one of your local councillors, I would like to know what you think about this idea. 

As you may know, last year the Council provided new play areas and improved others, such asLinearPark(Moreton),Whiteheath Way(Leasowe) andWarwickPark(Upton).    If there is enough support from residents, and if we can find a suitable site, I will then see what I can do to raise the money to pay for a play area.     Click here to take part in my online survey or follow the link on the right


Earlier this evening, along with my colleague, Cllr Steve Williams I attended the Police ‘Have Your Say’ forum at Moreton Community Centre.   At the meeting a resident made us aware that someone had removed one of the perimeter fence panels from Linear Park!

After the meeting Steve and I went to have a look and sure enough some ‘Mindless’ idiot(s) for reasons only they could possibly understand (assuming of course they posessed a brain?) had forced away one of the pieces of fencing ( I am pictured below with the fence panel next to the gap it has left).    We only had this park refurbished last year at a cost of £80,000 and it is a lovely place for children to enjoy.    The last thing we need is idiots wrecking it!

The Police are on the case and they quickly got some information from some of the children in the park this evening, hopefully that will lead them to the moron(s) who did this.   In the meantime I have asked the Council to reaffix the fence ASAP.

Linear Park, Update!

Me with Leah Fraser, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Steve Williams and disappointed children

Last night I attended the Brooke Residents Association meeting at Moreton Community Centre, Maryland Lane.     The Brooke has incorporated the Friends of Linear Park Group into its organisation and is working alongside the Friends group and local Councillors to bring about the refurbishment of the childrens play area.       This is something that Me, and my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney, Leah Fraser and more recently Cllr Steve Williams have been working on since the Council decomissioned the play area in Summer last year.

Having first being told there was no funding, we are delighted that the Council has finally listened, and has identified £81,000 to refurbish the play area, and in addition they are enhancing the grassed area adjacent to the play area.     You can see the plans for the refurbishment by clicking HERE.      The work on the play area is due to start on the 15th March, and is expected to take about five weeks.    Once complete, we hope that it is maintained to a good standard, and is not abused.

Counting The Calories!

Earlier today, along with Leah Fraser I attended the ‘Lets Beat It Together’ launch event at Moreton Community Centre, Maryland Lane.   The event, organised by Slimmers World was officially opened by Wirral’s Deputy Mayor.     

While me and Leah were there, there were about 50 people  present, all looking at the displays from Slimmers World, the British Heart Foundation, NHS Wirral,  Moreton  Gardening Club, whilst others, including some of the exhibitors were participating in a Salsa class, and Yoga excercises, with the kids queuing up for face painting.      Some of the exhibits were very visual, and brought home the real dangers of being overweight.    It has certainly made me think about my lifestyle and the need to have a balanced diet!    Well done to all concerned in organising this event, hopefully it will go from strength to strength.

Cultural Vandals!


Readers of the blog will be aware of our campaign to get Linear Park childrens play area back into use.    We were originally told that no funding was available, but after much lobbying we were delighted that the  Council identified £81k to carry out the refurbishment and hopefully this will be completed by end March / early April.

Sadly, as can be seen by the photographs above, sent to me by a local resident the Council in its preparation of the area, has caused major problems to the grassed area and the much used footpath, you just would not believe that the Council could not remove the old safety flooring from the play area without causing so much damage!   I have contacted the guy in charge of this and asked him to get it sorted asap and take steps to make sure that the rest of the work is carried out without causing any further damage.


I am happy that following my complaint to the Head of Law at Wirral Council the Councils website has now been updated to reflect my written planning representation.    Now they only have to change the hard copies of the  report, make a statement at planning committee, oh, and apologise in writing.