Brickworks Update!

Along with Bruce and Steve I met with Council Officers following the ongoing problems of noise and dust from the brickworks site in Carr Lane.

We have now received an update from the Council on the current status of permitted operations. That update can be read by clicking HERE 

If you require any further information on this please contact us.




Whats Happening at the Former Brickworks Site at Carr Lane?

Following many representations from local residents about dust and noise nuisance, we have called on the Council to investigate just what is happening on the brickworks site.

We have emailed the Councils Head of Planning telling him that with the current activities at this site it’s clear that planning conditions are most likely being flaunted with no consideration for the residents who have to suffer all week and now weekends also.  As you are aware last year the Planning Committee tried to carry out a site visit, however elected members were refused access which we found very strange.

This organisation seem to be able to break every agreement without suffering any consequences.  In the last few weeks we have had complaints of white goods being dumped at this site and heavy goods vehicles using the wrong exits as well as noise and dust nuisance.

Local residents have clearly had enough of having to endure this anti-social unneighbourly behaviour any longer, and we would like the Council to address this situation, not in the form of a letter to the site operator as that appears to have no impact, we would like you to visit this site discover what activities are taking place and enforce the planning conditions and agreements  that are currently in place.

Sadly to date the Council have failed to respond!

Fly Tipping Carr Lane, Moreton

Fly Tipping Carr LaneEarlier today I received a report of Fly Tipping in Carr Lane, Moreton.   Two lots of household waste dumped one in the road and the other in a cutting to the side of the road.    I had only just reported this when another email came in reporting what appeared to waste from a cannabis farm, old plants, plant pots etc again in Carr Lane.

I requested an urgent response before any interest was shown, particularly by children and the Council responded immediately clearing both the Cannabis waste and the household waste in the road.   The other pile of fly tipped household waste will be removed tomorrow.

The household waste has lots of evidence of where it has come from, name and address and hopefully from that evidence the Council will discover who this (these) moron(s) who pollute our area are and prosecute them using the full weight of the law to send a strong message.

Thanks to the residents who reported these instances and thanks also to the Council for their rapid response.

Do the Crime, Pay the Fine!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of our campaign to highlight and tackle the blight of fly tipping in our community.    There are two particular areas in Moreton that suffer badly, and ones that we have asked the Council to deal with, that’s Lingham Lane on the way to Leasowe Common and Carr Lane.

We are delighted to learn that Bernard Paul Doherty from Moreton was caught out by the Councils CCTV and following his prosecution he was fined £1200, with costs of £1050 as well as a victim surcharge of £15.    We hope this sends a clear message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.

It’s a Mystery?

Chris pictured at the UU site in Carr Lane

Yesterday evening I received lots of complaints  from residents who live on the Millhouse estate, and right across Moreton and Saughall Massie.      All the complaints talked of a pungent, sulphurous, bad egg odour.    The usual suspect was of course the United Utilities, Waste Water Treatment Works in Carr Lane.     As well as contacting the UU Odour hotline, I also reported it to Toby Zorn, the Council’s Environmental Health Officer for the area.       

Toby has just telephoned me to tell me that yesterday, he received many complaints about odours, from Moreton, Saughall Massie, Meols, Upton and Liscard.     So today he started his investigation.   UU at Carr Lane said they had no system failures that they were aware of,  however something may have happened they were not aware of?    Toby then discovered that a farmer had been slurry spreading yesterday in Pump Lane, could it have been that?   He stood next to it today and there was no odour!    He also said that the wind direction was not right for it to have spread right across Moreton!     So what caused the stench?   It may have been UU, it may have been the slurry, or perhaps it was a combination of both,  however none of those theories explain the Liscard complaints?     I suppose that this will remain one of lifes unanswered questions……   But my money is still on UU being the culprit!

No Landfill in Moreton

I have heard that MEAS have now published their draft preferred options report which goes to the six local authorities for approval.    We were told this would be in 2010.

I have unconfirmed information that the report discounts the North Wirral Brickworks site, in Carr Lane, Moreton, and the site in Prenton as future landfill sites in Wirral.  This is tremendous news.    As soon as I get more information I will update the blog.