All Year Round, Not Just at Election Time!

Last week was just like any other week with teams door knocking in different parts of the constituency three nights every week.    It was great to have such big teams out, one of the teams is pictured here in Seacombe ward where the team was led by Cllr Denis Knowles.

Yesterday teams where out delivering in many parts of the constituency, however Me, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney were ‘on the stump’ in Moreton.    We met with loads of people and the response was absolutely fantastic, people commented how visible and accessible the Local Conservatives are, and how much they enjoyed our monthly Newslines.   

Unlike other parties, who only ever come out at election time,  we are out in the community All Year Round!


Another Great Week on the Knocker

This week has seen teams out across Moreton and Leasowe knocking on doors each night for a couple of hours or so.     We have had such a great response from people wanting to help, that we have fully canvassed a complete polling district in two nights and tonight we went back on the outs.       The onslaught on Angela’s former stronghold is incessant.     The response on the doorstep is unbelievable, so much so that it appears New Labour voters are fast becoming an endangered species, they are so thin on the ground its amazing.      Everyone wants change, they want it in Parliament and here in Wirral, and more importantly they want it now.

Help Us Make 2010 The Year Of Change

Tonight I joined the members odf the Action Team to go door knocking, seeking peoples views on both local, and national issues.   With the local, and probably the General elections only 100 days away it is important that we don’t take our foot off the gas.   No election can be taken for granted and our ethos of ‘all year round’ means just that.   Unlike other political parties we don’t suddenly appear a month before the elections and expect people to vote for us.   We know that every vote needs to be earned.    The teams are out four nights a week  and on Saturdays.    We want this to be the year of change.  Do you?

A Busy Week

I would have thought that after the by-election last week,  this week would have been a little quieter for me.   No chance of that!   It has been flat out in work, and out of work I have had meeting upon meeting, and then in the evenings we have had teams out four nights knocking on doors in Wallasey.    Although busy busy it has been an enjoyable week.       Whats on today?   Work first, then over to Hatton Garden for a  Mersey Ferries Board Meeting, back to work, then this afternoon to Lingham Christmas Fair, then finally this evening our groups annual shindig dinner.

On the Streets of Moreton

wEB Group Canvass Moreton Nov 09
The team out tonight

Tonight, in bitterly cold weather, Steve Williams, our candidate for the forthcoming by-election on the 26th November, led a team of nine people knocking on doors in Moreton, seeking peoples views on both local, and national issues.   The response was really good, with many many people telling us they would be supporting Steve on the 26th, and Leah Fraser whenever the General Election is called.    We picked up a few issues, and my colleague, Cllr Simon Mountney will be dealing with them over the next few days.

Out and About

Tonight I was out with the action teams knocking on doors.  There was enough of us out to split into two teams.  The team I led discovered 50, (yes fifty) new Conservative voters.    We picked up quite a lot of issues, and they will all be dealt with over the next few days.  Thanks to everyone who opened their doors to us.    We will be out and about again tomorrow night so watch out for us in your street.

Bonnie Night!

After the horrendous weather today, I was delighted that it dried up in time for our team, led by Steve Williams to carry out yet another canvass session in Moreton.   It was another great night, and as we went door to door we took in the sights and sounds of the firework display in Lingham Park.    Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and to those who opened their doors to us.