Truly Magnificent!

The figures above shows just how well the Local Conservatives did in the By-Election in Moreton West and Saughall Massie on Thursday, and just how the New Labour share of the vote collapsed……

Massacre in Moreton!

Yesterday the voters of Moreton West and Saughall Massie sent a message to New Labour and the Lib Dems.  That message was ‘It’s Time for Change’.  

At the count, which took place at Moreton Community Centre, immediately after the polls closed,  New Labour were annihilated, rejected by the voters and left trailing with only 19.1% of the vote, that in a ward they used to have three councillors in!     Steve Williams is the new councillor, taking over following the sad and tragic death of Suzanne Moseley.

Conservatives won 70% of the vote (up from 60%) when Suzanne was last elected.    The Liberal Democrat and Green votes also fell and many of the former Liberal Democrat voters switched directly to Steve.    We also noticed how many fed up former Labour voters are now switching directly to us.    The Independent Socialist, Alec McFadden came a distant fourth, with the Green candidate not even getting three figures.   You can see the full result at the bottom of the posting.   

Steve will be a real asset to Moreton and Saughall Massie, as well as the Wirral Conservative Group.     As someone who lives in the community, he knows the issues that people who live her are facing, and along with Simon and Leah we will continue to work all year round.

I would like to thank everyone who helped in this campaign, canvassing on cold dark nights, delivering our literature, and those who joined us at 6am yesterday for our good morning leaflet drop.  This victory is a testament to everything you do.

New Labour ran a very negative and nasty campaign, and even in defeat some nasty comments were made in my hearing.   Will they never learn?   Well I don’t suppose you can teach an old dog new tricks!

    Votes  Percentage
Candidate Party Received of the Vote
Andrew Hollingworth New Labour 615 19.11%
Alec McFadden Independent 121 3.76%
Jim McGinley Green 92 2.86%
Steve Pitt Lib Dem 134 4.17%
Steve Williams Local Conservatives 2255 70.09%
Majority 1,640    
Turnout 28.46%    

Vote Steve WILLIAMS Today

Today sees the election of a new Councillor for Moreton West and Saughall Massie.  This special election has come about as a result of the sad, and tragic death of our former colleague, Suzanne Moseley.    I would urge voters to to put their X next to Steve Williams for the Local Conservatives.      Steve is the ONLY candidate who lives in the ward and has pledged to work with me, Simon Mountney and Leah Fraser to carry on the good work that we were doing before we lost Suzanne.     The Local Conservatives work all year round, unlike the other parties who only surface from under their stones at election time…….

Eve of Poll

What a great night it was tonight, led by Steve Williams,  15 people turned out on a pretty cold evening.    Special thanks to Tony, Jade, Adam, David and Shahil (think i got that right) for coming over from Liverpool and Runcorn.   We covered loads of ground, delivering leaflets, and door knocking on the Lingham estate.     The response on the estate was absolutely overwhelming with Labour voters telling us that they would be voting for us, and others saying they would not vote, or would be voting for the Independent Socialist.    We will know the result tomorrow night, if what we are told on the doorstep is right it will be a landslide.

Seems it’s Catching

Over the last few days Wallasey New Labour have presented mistake upon mistake   Now the Wallasey Lib Dems have decided to join in.  (well a vote for either party gets you the same in Wirral).   The Lib Dem candidate for the by-election has posted an article on his blog that refers to the ‘Kingfisher Lane’ area!   Clearly he does not know the ward, if he did he would of course realise that it is Kingfisher Way.    A true Lab/Lib Dem coalition in every way!

Local Issues, Local Actions, Local Conservatives.

Last night, along with Steve Williams we attended the public meeting in the Grange Pub.   The Labour and Lib Dem candidates declined the invitation, however we attended with the Independent Socialist and the Green Candidate.       The meeting, attended by 16 people (only 3 of whom live in the ward) was chaired by a self confessed tory hater.   At least a dozen of the people  were the Independent Socialist candidates stooges, and it was clear that they wanted to turn this into a tory bashing session.   I am pleased to say it was a total failure!   

Steve Williams, (the ONLY candidate who lives in the ward) talked about local issues, about what really matters to local people, about representing their views in the Town Hall, it’s about the person doing the very best for their community, standing up for them, thats what makes a difference to local people.   The other two candidates used the event as a soap box for themselves, quite sad really, but not at all unexpected, some big ego’s to feed!    Those attending quickly saw what was going on and would not play the game.    It seems that even the stooges people recognise that the best candidate should win.    That will be Steve then!

What’s His Name, oh and Address?

Yesterday I received a call from a resident of Wastdale Drive telling me he had just received a letter delivered by hand from the New Labour candidate.   The letter was from the MP, Angela Eagle, slagging off the Tories and asking the resident to vote for the New Labour candidate, Andrew Hollingsworth.   Strange the name on the nomination paper is Hollingworth (No S).   It appears that Ms Eagle does not know her candidates surname.      Oh dear, confusion over where he lives, not knowing his surname, it really does appear that the Wallasey Labour Party is in total disarray.   Below I have placed a JPEG which shows the spelling gaff.