Wirral’s Wheelie Bin Collections! As Clear As Mud?

I have received an email from the Councils Head of Streetscene, which I have reproduced below.    It seems to me that by default Wirral has now gone to a three weekly collection cycle, and does it mean that if a side road is clear off a main road will the bin not be collected.    If Wirral Council and Biffa can’t explain this better then there is something badly wrong!  Email below:

“Bin collection services have partially resumed in Wirral today after being suspended due to last week’s weather conditions.     Biffa are currently collecting this Monday’s scheduled work along all gritted routes – unfortunately, road and pavement conditions are still too icy to safely service untreated roads.

Biffa will attempt to collect all bins placed out on main roads that have been gritted and residents living along these routes are advised to place the colour bin that is due for collection this week out on their usual collection day.     Regrettably, Biffa will not be able to catch up on last week’s missed collections and residents are now being asked to wait until their next scheduled collection day for the colour of bin that was missed.

Garden waste collections will be suspended until January 25th to allow these crews to provide additional support for refuse and recycling collections.

When the normal scheduled collections are able to resume, Biffa will collect any bags that are left by the side of full green bins. Recycling cannot be collected in extra bags, as they cannot be separated at the sorting facility in Bidston.      If your grey recycling bin is now full, we are encouraging residents to store recycling for future collections.

Alternatively, Wirral’s three Household Waste Recycling Centres at Bidston, Clatterbridge and West Kirby are open seven days a week. Special skips have been provided to take all recycling that would normally go in your grey bin, even if it is mixed together.   We ask that if residents wish to make use of this facility that they empty their recycling into the skips and take away their bags, or use the litter bins provided to dispose of them.

Full collections will resume once the road and pavement conditions improve. The Council website will be updated daily to inform residents when this is likely to be.” 


Mark Smith, Head of Streetscene & Waste Services, Wirral Council,  0151 606 2103


A Coward and A Bully

This posting is directed to the poor sad, moronic coward, and bully who called me earlier this afternoon anonymously and launched a torrent of abuse at me.      You can call me as often as you like, I will not be bullied or brow beaten by individuals such as yourself, simply because I express my views.    If you want to call and identify yourself, I would be more than happy to have a conversation with you.    However after today’s abusive and disgraceful outburst from you, I somehow don’t see that happening.

What Is The Real Cost to Wirral’s Council Taxpayers?

Wirral’s wheelie bin non collection, because of supposed ‘adverse weather conditions’, I am told has cost Wirral’s council taxpayers nothing extra in cash terms because, the contract the Council has with Biffa is an “output based specification” contract which means that when disruption such as this occurs, the additional resources deployed by Biffa to catch up on missed collections is entirely at their own cost, which they estimate to be £30k to 40k.

Now when the contract was sorted, I am sure Biffa were not daft enough not to foresee this sort of thing happening, and I am sure they will have built in a contingency cost to cover these, and other unforeseen circumstances?    So while we are told there is no additional cost to the council taxpayer, there clearly is, it is just hidden in the total contract cost.   

That of course begs the question, how much extra are Wirral’s council taxpayers, coughing up year on year to Biffa when there are no ‘adverse weather conditions’?     Bet they don’t miss that collection?