Brickworks Update!

Along with Bruce and Steve I met with Council Officers following the ongoing problems of noise and dust from the brickworks site in Carr Lane.

We have now received an update from the Council on the current status of permitted operations. That update can be read by clicking HERE 

If you require any further information on this please contact us.




Whats Happening at the Former Brickworks Site at Carr Lane?

Following many representations from local residents about dust and noise nuisance, we have called on the Council to investigate just what is happening on the brickworks site.

We have emailed the Councils Head of Planning telling him that with the current activities at this site it’s clear that planning conditions are most likely being flaunted with no consideration for the residents who have to suffer all week and now weekends also.  As you are aware last year the Planning Committee tried to carry out a site visit, however elected members were refused access which we found very strange.

This organisation seem to be able to break every agreement without suffering any consequences.  In the last few weeks we have had complaints of white goods being dumped at this site and heavy goods vehicles using the wrong exits as well as noise and dust nuisance.

Local residents have clearly had enough of having to endure this anti-social unneighbourly behaviour any longer, and we would like the Council to address this situation, not in the form of a letter to the site operator as that appears to have no impact, we would like you to visit this site discover what activities are taking place and enforce the planning conditions and agreements  that are currently in place.

Sadly to date the Council have failed to respond!

Moreton Brickworks, Carr Lane – Planning Application Submitted to Extend the Time for Mineral (Clay) Extraction

A new planning application has been submitted by the owners of the Moreton Brickworks, CARR LANE, MORETON, CH46 5NB, application number: 11/01286 to remove condition 28 from planning application 2001 / 6405.  

I asked planning officers just what condition 28 related to and the simple answer is it was a condition put in place in 2001 which told the owners that they had a maximum of 10 years to extract the minerals from the site, in this case that was clay.     Well the ten years are up and the owners have decided they want to extend that timeframe in order to be able to apply to extract minerals whenever they choose.

This site has been the subject of two withdrawn applications for clay extraction in the past in the early 2000s.   Both applications had massive public opposition and Planning Officers were recommending refusal, however  both were withdrawn on the day of planning committee at the last minute!      There is absolutely no value  in the clay, however there is millions of pounds value in a huge hole that could be used for Landfill!!    This is clearly linked to the Joint Merseyside Waste Development Plan!     I hope that planning officers recommend refusal, as extraction of clay and subsequent landfill at this location would be an absolute environmental disaster for local residents and the wider community! 

The planning application can be viewed by clicking HERE and the conditions linked to application 2001/6405 can be viewed by clicking HERE

Carry On Regardless

Sadly, for the people of Moreton, that was the message given to Steve Chapman, the operator of the Moreton Brickworks in Lingham Lane by Labour and Lib Dem Councillors who serve on Wirral’s Planning Committee tonight, when they proposed, seconded and voted to approve his application to continue to export crushed brick off site until the 31st March 2010.     The Conservatives on the committee voted against the application.   The Councillors who voted to approve the application:  Labour – Brian Kenny, Birkenhead, Harry Smith, Bidston, Jim Crabtree, Bidston, John George, Upton.      Lib Dem: Dave Mitchell, Eastham, Alan Jennings, Clatterbridge, Mike Redfern, Pensby and Thingwall.

Landfill, Moreton and Prenton?

Me, Simon Mountney and Steve Williams at the Carr Lane Site

It seems that although we were promised the preferred Options Report in Autumn, in an email from Dr Alan Jemmett, Director of MEAS, which I have received today, we will have to wait until the New Year for the decision on whether the North Wirral Brickworks, Carr Lane, Moreton and the Prenton Quarry site are still included or not.      His email is below:  

Dear Councillor Blakeley,

Thank you for your email.    The Steering Group did indeed meet on Thursday last week.    We are in the process of concluding our technical assessments and drafting the Preferred Options report with the intention of advancing to consultation early in 2010.     As soon as there is a firm timetable for consultation we will let you know and also place the appropriate information on the Waste DPD web site.


Dr Alan Jemmett


Brickworks, Last Day Today!

Readers of the blog, and the wider Moreton community will be aware that today is the last day for screening, crushing and recycling operations at the Brickworks site in Lingham Lane.    Will the operator comply with the planning conditions, cease and restore the site by March 2010?   Only time will tell.   

This  site has been a pain in the backside to local residents since 2002/03, and operations should have ended in September 2008, however the operator used every tool he could, including the appeal process  to extend the operation, so today is a memorable day for local residents.    I have asked the Council’s Principal Enforcement Officer to check the site to check for compliance with conditions…..   Watch this space.

Bradman Road – Gating Order

Alexandra_-_alley_gates,_May_07I have been working over the last 12 months with residents of Bradman Road in Moreton who have, and who continue to suffer with anti-social behaviour (ASB) and on occassion criminal damage.   Bradman Road has a footpath that links it with Wastdale Drive and very often this footpath is used as an ‘escape route’ by those who commit ASB and if they have a car waiting on the other side of the footpath they are away before the Police can catch them.

Last year the Council agreed, with the support of the police to fit Gates at either end of the footpath, this would still allow local residents who have keys to use it, but would close it off to anyone else and would therefore deter those miscreants who are hell bent on causing a nuisance.

Sadly this is a long drawn out process, however I have received an email from the Borough Solicitors Department telling me that nine months down the line the Council is almost in a position to advertise the closure order, we then need to assess any objections that may come forward as a result of that.    You can read the draft wording of the gating order by clicking here.   I will keep people informed of progress.