Keeping People Informed

Me at the Street Surgery

This morning along with my colleagues, Cllr Steve Williams and Cllr Simon Mountney I held a street surgery in Bermuda Road with local residents coming to chat about the proposal to build 6 semi detached houses on the derelict site at 91 Bermuda Road

In the hour and half we were there about 50 residents turned up to look at the plans and discuss the application.    I have to say the feedback was mostly positive, with only one person who seemed totally opposed to this application, for what reasons I don’t know, he never said, just mumbled on in an aggressive manner.

The main area of concern was not the building of the six homes it was about the demolition of the xisting buildings and fear about asbestos.     I will ask the Councils planning officers to make sure that if the application is approved then conditions are put in place to ensure the demolition process causes as little as possible disturbance to local residents.     More on this as information becomes available

Planning Application Validated

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of the planning application to erect six semi detached houses on the derelict land at 91 Bermuda Road.    You can check out the application by clicking  HERE.

Over the last few years, there have been several complaints from residents about problems at this site, and people have told us they are not opposed to development as long as its houses and not some hair brained scheme.       I am delighted that their wish has come true.

I think it’s really important that the people who live here are asked for their views on what is being proposed, so I have taken the opportunity to write to over 200 homes in the area, making them aware of this application.

If you wish to comment on the application you can do so by contacting the Council’s Planning Officer, Matthew Rushton ensuring you quote application number:   OUT/11/00397, closing date for comments is 10th July, 2011.     You can write to him:  Technical Services Department,Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, Wirral CH44 1ND, alternatively via email: or you can comment on line by going to

Six New Homes in Bermuda Road?

I understand a planning application has been submitted to build six houses in Bermuda Road on the old Stanton Computers site at 91 Bermuda Road.      I have not yet had site of the plans as the application is currently in the ‘Validation Stage’.       The site has been used for various activities over the last few years, some of them without valid planning consent, however it has laid derelict for some time, and I am constantly getting complaints that the site is overgrown and an eyesore.   I am sure residents will welcome the site being developed, as long as the development is an appropriate one that fits in with the existing character in Bermuda Road.     As soon as the plans are validated and people can comment I will let local residents know.

Road Safety

EventFrontpage01Earlier this afternoon I met with Joe Smith, Highways Engineer to look at various problem areas in Moreton.    First we looked at the ‘One Way’ signage in Barnston Lane, close to the junction with Netherton Road.   The signage is all there, however some of it needs tidying up,  Joe has also agreed to install ‘Directional Arrow Road Markings’ in Netherton Road and Barnston Lane, hopefully this will solve the problem of traffic going the wrong way.     

Second we looked at suitable locations for a solar powered vehicle activated speed warning sign in Borrowdale/Overchurch Road.     After some debate about potential problems, we agreed to install a device on Borrowdale Road, close to the junction with Burrel Drive for a trial period to see what residents think.  IF there are no problems it will remain permanently.  

Third we looked in Bermuda Road to see if there was a suitable location for another speed indicator device, sadly because of the proximity of the houses there was not a suitable location.   However Joe has agreed to provide some ‘Slow Markings’  on the road painted in red.   Hopefully that will help.       

Finally, as there was not a suitable location in Bermuda Road, it has been agreed to reinstall the speed indicator device, permanently, on Upton Road, close to the junction with Paulsfield Drive.

Road Safety Update

About three weeks ago, our areas ‘You Decide’ panel agreed with me that we should spend £10,000, on two vehicle activated signs that warns motorists to slow down.    I suggested that one be fitted somewhere on Borrowdale/Overchurch Road and the other on Bermuda Road.     I will be meeting with highways engineers in the next few days to determine where the best locations may be.   I have also asked them to look at the ‘One Way’ signage on Barnston Lane, particularly with regard to traffic coming out of Netherton Road and the Coll Trader car park.    Watch this space for further updates.

Will UU ever learn?

This morning I was out and about in Moreton and I was disappointed to see that United Utilities/Morgan Est had parked their ‘Welfare Vehicle’ fully on the footway paved area at the Junction of Hoylake Road and Bermuda Road.     

Web DSCN1051

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton Community will be aware of an earlier transgression by Morgan Est parking on the newly paved area by the Subway store.  You can read about that by clicking here.     I would have thought, that only recently being made aware of this problem, they would not do it again!   After all there is loads of on road parking in that area.    But would that mean the workers would have to walk a few yards?     

Damaged paving flags are one of the biggest, if not the biggest issue that is constantly raised by local residents I represent.   The Council is always saying it can’t repair/replace damaged flags for lack of funding, what we do  not want, or need, is UU adding to that problem.     Come on UU start caring about our community!

A Very Successful Day

L to R, Suzanne, John, Simon, Leah, Fred
L to R, Suzanne, John, Simon, Leah, Fred starting out on the litter pick (I was behind the lens)

Today started with me meeting my colleagues, Suzanne,  Simon,  Leah Fraser and local residents to do a clean up of the Arrowebrook and the banks from behind Dodds yard.   

Once I had handed over the equipment I left them to it to get over to Seacombe to help the team deliver a letter and leaflets telling people why Cllr Denis Knowles  had left Labour to join us.  You can read the letter from Denis by clicking here

We had a great response with 14 people turning out to deliver.   We split into two groups to get the maximum coverage across the ward and did two sessions, 10am to 12 noon and again 1pm till 4pm, with a welcome refreshment break in the middle.    Whilst we were delivering, many people stopped to talk, all offering their support for Denis’s decision to leave Labour and saying they wished others had the courage to do it.    It’s clear that Denis has a tremendous amount of support in Seacombe, that support is testament to the work commitment and personal touch that he gives to the people he represents.

Finally a special thanks to the unknown lady in Palatine Road who greeted me with such fervour I was overcome,  it’s not everyday  I get such a welcoming greeting, the team roared with laughter!