Greggs Told to STOP Work!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware that Greggs submitted a planning application for a New Shop Front at 243 Hoylake Road  (application 10/01258), which has an earliest decision date of the 2nd December, however the work is now nearing completion.

I welcome businesses to Moreton, however surely it is not too much to ask that they follow the process laid down by the Council.  I asked Planning Officers to find out why Greggs had ignored the planning process, Greggs email response totally astounded me, putting the blame for their actions on a Planning Officer!    Their email is as follows:”

 —–Original Message—–
From: Craig Chatwin []
Sent: 25 November 2010 14:43
To: Elliot, Katie J.
Cc: Paul Fenney
Subject: App 10/01258 New Shop Front – 243 HOYLAKE ROAD, MORETON

Dear Katie,

 I write with an explanation into the reasons why the shopfront at 243 Hoylake Road, application no above is nearly complete. We received access to the property from the landlord earlier than what was originally anticipated and due to the scale of the work, it was decided to commence work. We understand that by doing this, we are taking a risk. However, following discussions with yourself, my understanding was that there were no preliminary objections with the proposed shopfront as it would be enhancing street scene due to the existing shopfront being of a poor state of repair and design. Also, the staffing is in place, creating employment in the local area during the current economic climate.

We do not normally operate in this manner, but given the above circumstances we decided to commence work at our own risk.      If you have any further queries or comments please contact me on the number below

Kind Regards

Craig Chatwin

(Greggs of the Midlands), Shop Design Department,  0121 605 1122 EXT – 27599 

I find it absolutely incredible and quite disturbing that Greggs are prepared to insinuate that the blame for the work going ahead is the responsibility of Wirral’s planning Officers, Just how low will they stoop?

The following response has been sent to Greggs by Wirral’s Planning Department:

Sent: 25 November 2010 16:04
To: ‘Craig Chatwin’
Cc: Day, Sheila H.; Rushton, Matthew
Subject: RE: App 10/01258 New Shop Front – 243 HOYLAKE ROAD, MORETON

Dear Craig, 

Further to your email regarding the works commenced on site prior to the grant of planning permission, I would like to clarify that at no point has the local planning authority encouraged you to proceed with the proposed works. Only today was I asked if I had any objections to the principle of a new shop front in this location, at which point the works were already well under way.

I would advise that you cease all works on site until the application has been determined. If you decide to continue with the works regardless then you must be aware that you do so at your own risk.

Kind regards,

Technical Services Department
Cheshire Lines Building
Canning Street
CH41 1ND

I believe Greggs actions in just plowing ahead with the work, without any regard for the people of Moreton and local businesses is indicative of a company that may just be driven by profit, without any concern for community.   I have now removed the application from delegated authority in order that the planning committee will ultimately make the decision, I hope that a clear message is given to Greggs by Wirral’s Planning Committee.

Pasties Rule OK!

I can easily be tempted by a stop-off at Sayers, usually when I’m going around delivering newsletters, convincing myself that I’m burning off the Pasty or Jumbo Sausage Roll as I walk.  So, I’m pleased to see that the Sayers in Upton Road, Moreton is not among the latest casualties of the economic downturn.   450 workers at the bakery in Liverpoool and at 40 shops across the area have not been so lucky.