Abuse It and Risk Losing It!

Today Merseyside Police and Wirral Council sent a very strong message to those people who cause nuisance to local communities through the irresponsible use of Quad Bikes and Motocross bikes.    Read more by clicking HERE

Face The Public!

This morning, in my role as a Member of Wirral’s Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP), I attended a ‘face the public’ session at West Kirby Concourse.     The CDRP is made up of many agencies, Council, Elected Members, Police, Fire and Rescue, Youth Offending Team, Primary Care Trust, Probation, Court Service, NHS and others, thei aim of the CDRP is solely to reduce crime across Wirral.

About 50 people attended, many of them representatives of residents associations, homewatch, housing and other groups.   The attendees were spread out at numbered tables and following an introduction and short presentation, the members of the CDRP rotated around the tables, spending  five to six minutes at each table talking to people, and listening to their thoughts on issues that affected them, as well as the wider community.    Lots of issues were raised , however the common theme coming from every table was alcohol induced anti-social behaviour, mainly caused by under aged drinkers.    This is the second of a series of events, watch this space to find out where and when the next ‘face the public’ session is.

Community Newsline PLUS

crime-guideWith this months Community Newsline we will be including a 12 page Crime Guide from the Prospective MP for Moreton and Wallasey, Leah Fraser.  

Crime and anti-social behaviour  is one of the top issues raised by residents on the doorstep.     Both Leah and me want to know your views on crime and policing, both locally and nationally, so  if you have a few minutes, please take part in our new online survey by clicking here.

Newsline Moreton Sept 09 full colour A3The Community Newsline and the Crime Guide has been paid for by the local Conservatives, not the taxpayer, and includes facts and figures on crimes in the area; details of police campaigns against drug dealers; what we can do to tackle anti social behaviour and the need for positive activities for young people.

Publication of the guide has coincided with the search for a new Chief Constable here in Merseyside, following the news that Bernard Hogan-Howe is leaving, after a very successful five years in the job.

Do You Suffer from Nuisance Motorbikes?

I am delighted that the Police are cracking down on motorcyclists who are causing anti-social behaviour across Wirral, and particularly in Moreton.   These ‘nuisance riders’ can cause mayhem with the dangerous driving, and do cause disturbance with the noise.    Hey I am not having a go at all motorcyclists, the vast majority who use their bikes for sensibly for commuting and pleasure, sadly, it is again a very small minority who cause problems.  You can read more here


Wirral’s Anti-Social Behavior Team in conjunction with Merseyside Police are launching an initiative this Saturday aimed specifically at removing alcohol from young people.  Whilst I fully support this initiative, let’s not forget that not all alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour is perpetrated by young people, and I hope that the agencies do not lose sight of that.    You can read the full press release by clicking here.

Bradman Road, Gating Order Update

Readers of the blog will be aware that I have been working with residents of Bradman Road in Moreton, to try to get the footpath, that links Bradman Road and Wastdale Drive gated.    This unfortunately is a long drawn out process, which has also been hampered by delays by the Council.

Anyway, today in an email from the Council’s legal department I have had confirmation that the gating order will be advertised on the 19th August with a deadline for objections of the 21st September.  The email also explains the next steps.   You can read that email below:

Councillor Blakeley

The Public Notice of the intention to make the order has now been prepared and will be advertised in the Wirrral Globe on 19 August. This is the next available publication date.    Letters to all affected residents and Statutory Undertakers notifying them of the issuing of the notice will be sent out next week.    The Notice requires any objections to be sent before the 21 September.    Following that date, the matter can then be taken back to Committee for the consideration of any objections.    If there are objections from the Police or Fire Service or the NHS trust then a Public Inquiry must be held.    If there are objections from any other party the Committee must consider whether to hold an Inquiry or whether to publish the Order. In the absence of any objections the Committee will confirm the Order.

Please let me know if you have any queries or if I can assist further



Locum Solicitor

Action on Anti-Social Behaviour

Yesterday I attended (as a deputy for Cllr Sue Taylor, who was sitting on Licensing 2003 panels) a meeting of the Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership Body.   The body was set up last year, and was in response to a request from Frank Field MP,  to bring together Elected Members from Community Safety, Social Services and Childrens Services,  as well as professionals from other agencies, Police, Health, Family Intervention, Community Safety and the PCT.

At the meeting yesterday we had an in depth and very interesting presentation from Linda Borland from the Scottish Violent Crime Reduction Unit.   Now,  no one is suggesting that Wirral suffers anywhere near the same levels of violence as does somewhere like Glasgow, however if we can learn good practice from other areas, we should do so.

The meeting lasted over two hours and Frank Field was keen that we have a body that looked in depth at the problems we do suffer in Wirral with a view to bringing a strategy/plan that will help deal with the problem families we have in Wirral.    We suggested that perhaps a couple of the Council’s Overview and Scruttiny Committtees (OSC’s) could take on this type of role, perhaps Sustainable Communities and Children’s would be best suited to this.     Frank has agreed to put together a paper with the sorts of things he would like to see included.    Clearly anti-social behaviour, and perhaps to a lesser extent violent crime is something that we all suffer from, or know someone who does, so any action on this issue is to be welcomed.