Anderton Concrete gets it LDC!

Residents living in Bramble Way and parts of Berrylands Road, Moreton, like me will be disappointed with Wirral Borough Councils decision to grant a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) to Anderton Concrete to allow them to start work at 6:30am in the mornings.   The concrete works is located on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate, however it sits in close proximity to homes in both Bramble Way and Berrylands Road.  I have been supporting local residents in fighting this issue for the last 12/18 months, sadly in an email i received yesterday the Council’s Legal Section have said that they will be issuing the LDC.   You can read that email by clicking here

Action Team out Again

Tonight the team will be out and about knocking on doors in Egremont.  Sadly I will not be with them, because I will be at the planning committee speaking on behalf of residents on a planning application made by Anderton Concrete.    So another reprieve for Denis!   Never mind there is always tomorrow and the next day and the next day………………………….