Reporting Back #2

Over the last few weeks, and working with my colleagues Councillors Steve Williams and Bruce Berry, I have been calling on homes in this area to meet residents and discuss local issues. Thank you to everyone who answered their door and gave us their time.
I am now reporting back on the action we have taken on some of the issues that were raised most often by residents. If you were out when we called, or if you have thought of an issue since then, please let me know.  We can’t promise to solve every problem, but we will try our best.
Cobham Road: the issue raised by many residents was the ongoing problem of speeding traffic. While the Town Hall installed the ’20 Zone ‘ signs some time ago, there are still some drivers, using this road as a short cut, who are causing a problem for people who live here. The Town Hall has advised me that they prioritise the road safety budget on the roads with the highest recorded number of crashes and collisions. I have asked, again, for a new review of the traffic in this area and for possible solutions.
Pot Holes: people also mentioned the unfilled potholes, many of them marked to be filled. We have asked the Council to fill these as soon as possible.
Overgrown tree: we have asked for the tree near the junction with the Oak Close footpath to be trimmed at the based, to enable pedestrians to pass more easily.
Faulty street lights: we have reported those street lights that were ‘on ‘ during daylight, including one in Seawood Grove.
Dog fouling: sadly, a small number of owners are still not picking up after their pets. Some additional signage (for the owners, not the dogs!) would help, as would extra publicity for those people who are being fined for not picking up after their pets.
Willow Grove: we have reported the poor condition in some places of the pavement and have also asked for action on the overgrown weeds.
Altcar Drive: residents enquired about the overgrown piece of land at the entrance to the Drive from Cobham Road.  Planning permission was granted in April 2014 for a one and a half storey dwelling and a single garage on this plot. (Planning Application – APP/14/00106) The landowner has three years to start the build. In the meantime we have requested that the landowner maintains the land and the fencing so that it is not an eyesore.
Email bulletin:
several residents commented on our recently re-launched email news bulletin. If you would like to sign up to receive these monthly bulletins on local issues, please let me know.
Vehicle crime: in May, there was a reported theft from a vehicle in Childwall Avenue. Police are asking residents in the area to ensure that vehicles are kept locked, with no valuables left on display. Equally, that sheds and side gates are kept locked.
Finally, if you have any comments or questions on a ny issue in this letter, or anything else you would like to raise, please let me know.  Your three councillors work for all residents, regardless of how you may have voted in the recent election.