Road Safety Update

About three weeks ago, our areas ‘You Decide’ panel agreed with me that we should spend £10,000, on two vehicle activated signs that warns motorists to slow down.    I suggested that one be fitted somewhere on Borrowdale/Overchurch Road and the other on Bermuda Road.     I will be meeting with highways engineers in the next few days to determine where the best locations may be.   I have also asked them to look at the ‘One Way’ signage on Barnston Lane, particularly with regard to traffic coming out of Netherton Road and the Coll Trader car park.    Watch this space for further updates.

Bermuda Road, Action at Last by the Council!

After what seems a lifetime of lobbying by me (pictured above) and my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney and Cllr Suzanne Moseley, ably supported by the Brooke Residents Association, Wirral Council has finally put some signage up warning speeding motorists on Bermuda Road to ‘Slow Down’.   This road is one of many in Moreton that suffers with speeding traffic and this action is long overdue.  Our thanks also to Merseyside Police for deploying Traffic Community Support Officers at this location with the speed gun.  If you fall foul of them expect a £60 fine.   We would urge all drivers in our town, whether residents or visitors to drive carefully, and within the speed limits, particularly in residential areas.

20MPH Zone, Berrylands Road Area

The Council, as part of its Road Safety allocation prioritised for inclusion within the 2008/2009 Transport Capital programme, propose to introduce a 20 miles per hour zone in an area of Moreton.   The roads included in the proposals are:  Berrylands Road, Berrylands Close, Lingham Lane, Lingham Close, Eleanor Road, Glasier Road and Bradman Road.  

A plan of the scheme will be available for public viewing in Moreton Library, Pasture Road, Moreton, and letters will be delivered to all the residents affected by the proposal on Wednesday 17th September.  You can read the letter and view the proposals by clicking here  If you have any comments on the proposals they should be sent in writing to Bill Norman, Director of Law, HR and Asset Management, Town Hall, Wallasey, CH44 8ED by 8th October 2008.

More Road Safety Improvements!

As you will be aware one of your priorities in this community is road safety.   We, that is me, Suzanne and Simon receive lots of calls, letters and emails from local residents who have concerns about the speed and volume of traffic and motorists using roads as ‘Rat Runs’, particularly in residential areas.


At long last the Council has finally listened to yours, and our concerns and is proposing that, Berrylands Road, Harvest Lane, Flaxhill, Felicity Grove, Berrylands Close, Meadfoot Road, Bramble Way, Heathmoor Road, Lingham Lane, Eleanor Road, Glasier Road, Bradman Road and Lingham Clos, be subject to the introduction of a traffic calming/speed reduction scheme, at an estimated cost of £64,000.


In this area over the last three years there have been five recorded personal injury accidents, of which at least three could possibly, have been avoided with a traffic calming scheme.   An email from the Director of Technical Services reproduced below explains briefly the work to be carried out. 

Proposed 20 mph Zone – £64,000

Berrylands Road (length of road – 665m) – 8no. bituminous round topped road humps / carriageway repairs.

Harvest Lane (length of road – 502m) – 6no. bituminous round topped road humps / carriageway repairs.

Flaxhill (length of road – 154m) – 2no. bituminous round topped road humps / carriageway repairs.

Heathmoor Road (length of road – 104m) – 1no. bituminous round topped road humps.

Glasier Road (length of road – 166m) – 2no. bituminous round topped road humps.

Bradman Road (length of road – 163m) – 1no. bituminous round topped road humps.

Eleanor Road (length of road – 122m) – 1no. bituminous round topped road humps.

Lingham Road (length of road – 351m) – 4no. bituminous round topped road humps.

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