Newsline is the Conservative Newsletter for Moreton, Lingham and Saughall Massie.

It is paid for by the local Conservatives and is delivered to more than 11,000 people by local volunteers.

We report on local news and also feed back on things we’ve done to improve life in the community.

We don’t:

  • report on party political mudslinging
  • repeat allegations and rumours
  • claim the credit for things we haven’t done
  • make promises we can’t keep

We do:

  • take an active interest in local issues
  • use whatever contacts we have to tackle issues
  • respect the confidentiality of correspondents
  • try our best to keep you informed of progress

If you can help to deliver Newsline, or if you have any suggestions for future articles, let us know.

One thought on “Newsline

  1. Just a quick email to say a big thanks to Chris Blakeley.Thanks Chris for all the hard work you have put in over the last few months,in trying to overeturn the councils decision to get Moreton common re-opened once again.I myself have been most gratefull to you, and im sure i can speak on behalf of all the members of the public that live in the local community,and everyone who has signed the petition. So once again thanks a lot Chris, Yours.. George.

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