Another Telephone Mast Planning Application is On Its Way!

After submitting an application for a mast and equipment on Hoylake Road by Tesco Express, Mono Consultants, on behalf of Vodafone and Telefonica  have now notified me of a Pre-Application consultation for a Mast and Equipment on the grass verge on Saughall Massie Road, close to the junction with Kingfisher Way, Pre-App is normally followed within two weeks with a full planning application.

This is yet another (in my opinion) inappropriate location – As soon as the full app is in I will notify local residents, if they wish to object they will of course have my full support!

Another Telephone Mast Application!

Having lost the last three planning applications, including two they appealed, O2 and Vodafone (Telefonica) have submitted another application for a telephone mast, cabinets and ancillary equipment, this time on the central reservation on Moreton Road, (close to the M53 spur).   Application number: 11/00452.

This time the mast being proposed is 20 metres high with two cabinets and other pieces of equipment.    They say they need this permission in case they cannot extend their contract with the lattice mast located close by in Upton Woods?     in their accompanying paperwork they say if the do extend their contract on the existing mast they wont erect this mast?     Yeh, of course you won’t!

Anyway if you have any cooments to make on this application you can do so by emailing the planning officer dealing with it by clicking HERE

Huge Opposition to Telephone Mast Application!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of the planning application submitted by Mono Consultants on behalf of O2 and Vodafone for a 15 metre mast, cabinet and ancillary equipment on the pavement in Holt Avenue, close to the junction with Hoylake Road.  

As well as residents submitting letters of objection, I have today submitted (electronically) a petition to Wirral’s Planning Department with over 200 signatures from 184 households all objecting to the application.   

It’s not too late for you to object you have right up to the day of the likely committee hearing which is the 8th March.     You can do that by contacting Wirral’s Planning Department at Cheshire Lines Building Canning Street, Birkenhead or via email by clicking HERE.    Please ensure you quote the application number, ANT/11/00113

Another Telephone Mast?

This morning I received a pre-application consultation letter from Mono Consultants who are acting on behalf of O2 and Vodafone. It seems they want to erect a 13.8 metre mast on Hoylake Road opposite the junction with Rosslyn Drive. I have respopnded saying this is an inappropriate location. Let’s hope they don’t submit an application. If they do I will support residents in opposing it. Watch this space.

Vodafone Mast to be Installed In Town Meadow Lane?

I have received a pre-application consultation letter from Mono Consultants, who are acting on behalf of Vodafone.   It seems Vodafone wants to extend its 3G coverage in the area and has identified a site on the footpath in Town Meadow Lane (to the north east of its junction with Millhouse Lane.)    What that means is close to the grassed area by the Arrowbrook and adjacent to the childrens play area at Linear Park.  

I have responded to Keith Johnson at Mono Consultants, telling him that I believe the site is unsuitable because it is too close to where children play.   Lets see if they are taking note!    If you want to comment to the consultants you can do so by clicking HERE     If Vodafone do submit a planning application I will make sure people are informed.